Over The Next 11 Days, Let Me Take You By The Hand And Help You Finish More Music Than You Have In The Last 12 Months...

(This same "secret approach" to making music created the Best Selling Album just over 8 weeks!) 

Sound crazy? Just do this...

Have you ever felt like there's something holding you back from consistently finishing great music?

Are you frustrated with only completing 1-2 tracks every few months?

Have you ever wished you had that secret "magic touch" - the ability to create hit track after track - like the top, pro producers out there?

Did you know there's a "secret approach" to making music that most producers aren't even AWARE of...?

An approach that allows you to finish MUCH better music... in A LOT less time...

...using nothing more than the skills, abilities, and equipment you ALREADY HAVE!

If that sounds like "unbelievable hype" to you... I understand.

I don't believe in "magic tricks" either...

Still, it's worth mentioning that this EXACT approach is what allowed the producers of the world's best selling album of all time to create their world-changing record in just over 8 weeks!

And this same approach is something ANYONE can use to create the best music of their entire career.

If that sounds interesting to you... keep reading, because I've got something special I want to share with you...

Something that can put an end to your creative slump...

Something that will let you start finishing the music YOU KNOW you're capable of making... starting today!

And I'm not JUST talking about finishing those incomplete tracks living in the archives of your hard drive.

I'm talking about developing the ability to finish an endless stream of new tracks. ON DEMAND.

(And, yes, these will be tracks that you are PROUD to release.)

All without any of the usual heartache, self-doubt, frustration, and procrastination...

Follow the steps that I share with you on this page and you'll be on your way to finishing a track every week... even if you can only spare 30 minutes a day!

"Loving the process. I don't think I'll ever produce the same way again!" -- James Winter  

"It's just a great feeling not being so hung up on everything. Got a few tunes in complete now and it looks like it's gonna be a steady flow from now on..." -- James Conry  

"I'm finally back... after being totally lost in self commiserating and procrastination. I finished 32 Tracks. 5x of what I did the last 5 years... and a 10x in quality" -- Benjamin Kullack

That's 52 tracks a year...without all of the usual PAIN and SUFFERING you're going through right now.

If that seems crazy to you, again, I understand.

But stick with me...

Because I'm going to PROVE how it's possible for you to unlock that level of creative output.

The kind of output that will make you PROLIFIC, just like the world's top producers.

And then I'll show you a simple system you can start to implement TODAY... a system that will let you channel your new creative output into an endless stream of quality music...

I'll even explain how you can have me by your side... walking you through the exact steps you need to take.

If you don't know who I am, my name is Mike Monday. 

I've been around the block in the music industry, both as a coach and as a producer, for the past 20 years.

During that time I've released over 300 records, including 2 albums, 27 of my own EPs and over 200 remixes.

I've worked with some of the biggest names out there, including U2, Groove Armada, Claude VonStroke, and Neville Watson.  

I've also been behind the scenes, coaching some of the world's top music producers through their creative and business blocks.  

(I'm under NDA with a number of them, so I can't disclose who they are...but suffice it to say, you've heard their music on the radio. And these guys earn millions of dollars every year, with hundreds of millions of plays on YouTube and Spotify.)  

And with all this experience...

I can say with confidence that the NUMBER ONE thing that separates "the PROs" from "the rest" is their ability to consistently create great music ON DEMAND

So, how do they do it?  

Well, that's what I'm about to reveal to you...

And I'm also going to show you how YOU can "download" this ability - the ability to become PROLIFIC - right into your creative process. So YOU can start finishing more music immediately.

Now, if that sounds crazy to you, the reason I'm so confident is because my job for the last 10 years has been to help aspiring producers "break into the game" and make the leap towards becoming pros.

In fact, since 2010 I've helped over 6,125 producers make more, better music using the techniques I'm going to reveal to you.

And they all come to me with a different version of a very familiar story...  

It starts with the moment when inspiration strikes.  

Motivated, you find a way to squeeze some priceless "studio time" into your schedule, determined to get something out of it.  

You flip the switches on your latest piece of gear, and load up the shiny new plugins you downloaded last month.  

Pushing buttons and flicking through menus, you search for something to latch your creative motivation onto.  

Eventually, a basic musical idea emerges.  

The beats are solid. The bassline is almost there.  

Still, it's missing...something.

It doesn't sound quite right... yet...  

You try a few more things, but nothing works the way you want it to. That's when you first start to think to yourself...

"Hmmm...I don't know what I'm doing here..."

You wonder, how are OTHER, more experienced producers making the latest gear work for them? So, you head to YouTube (or some random education site) looking to learn. You hope to find something EXCITING. Something to make your latest musical idea GREAT. 30 minutes go by and eventually you find a new production technique to apply to your track. And it works...kind of... but it still feels dead. It doesn't QUITE sound like it did in the tutorial. Frustration creeps in, while you twiddle the knobs for another 20 minutes. Eventually, you get bored. And before you know it, life calls you back to reality. The kids need to be fed, or your partner asks you to do something. You listen to your track one last time before closing your DAW, telling yourself:

"I hate's rubbish...what a waste of time..."

You sigh as you click save.  

For a moment you flick through your folders, full of tracks that will never be finished. Cursing yourself as another "masterpiece" joins the long list of other ideas in the graveyard that is your hard drive.  

Shaking your head, you realize this cycle has been repeating itself for years. And your loved ones, as supportive as they may be, have quietly been questioning how much time and money you've spent on "chasing your dream."  

You KNOW that making music is what you were put on this Earth to do...  

....but on days like today, all you can think is...  

"I just don't know if I have the goods."  

You tell yourself that if YOU were as good as the REAL pros out there, all of those tracks would be amazing, right?  

And if only you had MORE TIME to really make progress, you might be able to figure it out.  

Sadly though, that's just not possible for you right now, with your career (and family) in the picture.  

And in that moment...that's when you start to convince yourself that...

Top Pro Producers Have a Secret You Don't Have 

Listen: I've worked closely with producers at every level of the game, all the way to the top. Despite what you might think, "top professional producers" aren't blessed with some sort musical ability you don't have. They don't have any gifts that are responsible for their success. So, if you think you need some sort of special musical (or technical) ability to make it as a top producer... you can stop believing that right now. Most of the top music producers I've worked with have no formal musical education. Even fewer of them have any "audio engineering" background. And anyone that had either of those things studied those fields AFTER they became successful producers. To be direct with you, the only difference between those who MAKE it, and those who DON'T... the people who MAKE it find a way to break free from the negative cycle you're in right now. The same negative cycle that’s stopping YOU from creating a HUGE volume of music. Let me say it LOUD AND CLEAR for you:

You DO Have The Ability To Make Great Music With The Skills You Already Have

Right now, you're probably thinking "Nope, that's impossible..."  

...but I'm going to ask you to suspend your disbelief for a moment while I prove it to you.  

Right here (right now), I'm going to show you how YOU can release GREAT music, without any fancy new gear, or technical skill set.  

Of course, I'm not saying you'll be able to compose like Mozart overnight. That would be impossible.

But what I AM saying is that you can make great music without complex musical theory, or an audio engineering background. Once you realize that, you'll be able to see results WAY faster than you'd imagine. I know this is true, because I've seen it with my own eyes, countless times... Let me quickly tell you a story from one of my students, Indro (aka Abstrakt.Digital). By his own admission, Indro has been "deep" in the electronic music scene since the 90s, striving to make it as a successful producer.  

If you looked at him from the outside, he had all of the hallmarks of a "pro."  

His own studio. All of the "right" gear. A high degree of technical skill, from the countless production tutorials he'd watched. And solid mixing, mastering, and other "audio engineering" abilities. 

Yet, for over 20 years, Indro was caught in the same endless cycle of frustration: 

A moment of inspiration would strike (often because of some new shiny new gear he purchased). Followed by a reinvigorated desire to "make it happen." Before frustration would sink in at the lack of results. And then disappointment when it didn't work out (again).  

All of this would lead Indro to abandon music production for months at a time!

Despite all the gear (and all his skills), Indro's biggest problem was that he simply wasn't FINISHING ENOUGH MUSIC. He'd finish a track and then MONTHS would go by before he'd come close to finishing anything else. And any music that DID get finished just wasn't up to his OWN standards.  

20 years of trying with hardly anything to show for it.  

Indro's biggest fear, which he shared with me, was that all of this time and effort would be for nothing...  

"What am I doing? I've spent all of this money and time on my dream...I can't give up now..."  

"I have to find a way to make this work!"

You see, outside of music, Indro had created a career as a successful marketer.  

Still, Indro couldn't walk away from making music!  

That's when we met. Indro was determined to find the "missing piece" that could bring it all together for him.  

The first thing I got him to do was change his creative process to implement the lessons on this page.  

And within WEEKS he was making and finishing more music than ever before.  

Not only that, but...

Within A Year, He Made #1 on Beatport With His First "Official" Abstrakt.Digital Remix

Indro couldn't believe it! And with a #1 release under his belt, Indro's music ambitions have become reinvigorated. He's worked hard at maintaining his momentum, with several more Abstrakt.Digital releases signed to a label and ready to release. He's even started work on a Abstrakt.Digital live performance, which he's planning to take on the road. All of this amazing progress started with a simple set of actions that allowed Indro to start finishing more music.  

FOR YEARS, Indro had thought "I don't have everything it takes to succeed." 

So, how did he manage to break through?  

Well, it all started with FINISHING music.  

And if you want to start FINISHING more music...  

...the first thing you need to realize is that...  

Everything you know about HOW to finish music is WRONG! 

You see, most producers I've ever met think they can't finish music because:

1. They haven't got enough time 2. Their technical production skills aren't up to scratch 3. They haven't got the right "setup" (i.e. the right gear, high quality samples, no studio speakers, not enough VSTs etc) 4. They aren't able to "mix and master" their music to a high enough quality

Let me give it to you straight.  

All of these reasons are BS.  

These are what amateur producers are BELIEVE are the reasons for not being able to finish music.

But they're ALL surface level symptoms of a much deeper problem.  

A problem that all of the software and gear manufacturers, along with the people who train you how to use their kit, know all too well.  

I call this group the "Music Production Industrial Complex". And they've been fueling their sales by playing on your fears for YEARS.  

You see, the "Music Production Industrial Complex" knows that whenever you get frustrated with your musical output you start to BELIEVE YOU are defective.

And they've cleverly convinced you that the only solution is an EXTERNAL fix.  

Music sounding flat? Need better source materials and sounds? Buy our sample packs, gear and VSTs!  

Think you haven't got the right technical productions kills? Take our course on how to use our software, program our synths and other advanced production techniques.  

Don't feel like you're able to mix and master at a pro level? Sign up for our certificate on how to become a studio grade audio engineer!  

You see, the Music Production Industrial Complex desperately wants you to believe that you don't have the natural talent needed to succeed.  

But (it says) you CAN make up for a lack of talent with the latest gear and training!  

They want you to believe that you're one plugin away from being able to make EVERY track a masterpiece.  

And I want to tell you that's ALL nonsense!!  

You ARE Capable of Creating GREAT Music... WITHOUT Their Software, WITHOUT Their Gear, and WITHOUT Their Plug-ins!

And I'm going to prove it to you.  

It starts by realizing that YOU are a creative person.  

And like most creative people (especially those are trying to "breakthrough") you're most likely trapped by an invisible "limiting belief."  

You see: the illusion that the Music Production Industrial Complex sells you (with all their gear and plug-ins) is that if you REALLY want to be a pro, you better be able to hit it out of the park on EVERY SINGLE TRACK you produce.  

Just check out this comment from someone who reached out to me for help:  

"[I feel like] I'm not a real producer. I've never felt like I really know what I'm doing as a producer. I feel like I'm just winging it and that my lack of 'knowing' what I'm doing is going to result in me hitting a wall on every production. Every time I sit down to write a tune, I'm anticipating problems. Problems finding a riff I like; problems finding the right sounds; problems knowing how to progress the tune; problems with the arrangement; problems with the mix down. It's terrifying! Far from being confident I can nail it every time I get in the studio, I'm terrified it's going to be a complete disaster. Why? Cause I don't know what the hell I'm doing."  

Talk about putting yourself under pressure!  

No wonder this guy has problems creating in the studio!  

So, let me ask you a pretty direct question...  

Are You Afraid of Making Mediocre Music?

I know that might be a little "on the nose", but it's important to answer that question honestly.  

Hardly any of my "aspiring producer" students would admit it publicly, but most ARE terrified of making mediocre music.  

And it's no wonder!  

If you've been brainwashed into believing that everything you produce needs to be flawless...  

...and all you see yourself producing is (mostly) mediocre music...  

...then how are you going to realize your dream of becoming a professional producer, unless you fix your problems by buying more stuff?  


That's why the only time you get back into the studio is whenever you splashed out on some new gear... with the promise of "filling the hole." And that's why you "can't find the time"... ...but you CAN find excuse after excuse for not finishing those tracks. Because you know that if you DO FINISH the tracks sitting on your hard drive... and they're STILL mediocre... ...then what does that say about you, your ability level, and your chances of success? Now, that we've got THAT out in the open... let me clue you in on another little secret... One that will make you feel a WHOLE LOT better... Because this is a secret that almost ALL top producers keep a secret... 

Nearly EVERY Idea That ANY Pro Producer Creates Is Mediocre (At First)...

Here is the truth about every creative process in existence: most ideas are simply TERRIBLE! Artist's sketchbooks are FILLED with ideas that simply weren't good enough to make it into the gallery. And it's the same with music. Most of the ideas that EVERY producer creates are painfully average. Even my own!

For example, while working on my album, The Begin, between June and December of 2018, I created 297 ideas for new tracks.

And, if I'm being completely honest, most of them were absolutely garbage.

I mean, have a listen to this particular monstrosity that I never thought I'd share with the outside world:  

 Or this one, which I'm almost embarrassed that you're going to hear:

I'd NEVER THINK of Finishing (Or Releasing) These Musical Ideas...EVER! 

In fact, I was worried about even putting them on this page!  

After being signed to multiple labels, releasing 300 tracks, and being flown all around the world as a top music producer, I've got a reputation to uphold, you know! ;-)  

But I shared these "bad ideas" with you for a very good reason.  

I did it to demonstrate a CRUCIAL LESSON.  

(So pay attention to what I'm about to say next, because it's really important.)

No amount of new gear, mastering, effects, EQing, arrangement, or any other fancy "production techniques" will EVER help these tracks be good enough to release.  

I could spend YEARS working on those two ideas and they would NEVER be worthy of releasing.  


Because the musical ideas are just not good or interesting enough.  

And yet, the creative process for most aspiring producers is to hit the studio and latch on to whatever "average" idea emerges first.  

And then they spend HOURS trying to painfully "tweak" and "produce" it to a higher level of unspecified quality... when their main problem is the poor quality idea they started with!  

No wonder they're frustrated!  

They simply don't understand how the "game" works!  

You see, all of the things I mentioned before: 

 1. Your desire to improve your technical production skills... 2. Your desire to learn "musical theory"... 3. Your desire to improve your equipment and sound bank... 4. Your desire to improve your mixing and mastering...  

All of these are focused on improving the QUALITY of your tracks.  

And it's this burning desire to improve your QUALITY that's actually what's holding you back.  

That might sound counterintuitive, but let me explain...  

You see, while those 2 terrible ideas I shared with you didn't make the cut, they were still a necessary part of the creative process that resulted in...  

The Greatest Music of My Entire Career

At the start of 2018, I hadn't produced music in 7 years. And my last major release (my second album, Songs Without Words) was nearly 10 years old. Despite that lengthy break, in the second half of 2018, I produced the greatest music of my entire life. And not just a single track or two. I'm talking about 3 entire albums worth of material! Close to 30 tracks. And it happened FAST. So fast that I finished my "comeback" album in less than 30 days!  

This album, The Begin, went on to become the #1 album on Beatport at the time, ranked as the number #2 release overall in July and August of 2019.

The best album of my career, made from scratch, in less than 30 days.

How was that possible? 


Have You Ever Wondered WHY You Finished Your Best Tracks Faster Than Any Others?

Whenever I speak to any producer about the best music they've produced, they nearly always tell me the same thing: Their best tracks just "happened." And they happened FAST. A GREAT new idea emerged, and they became SO excited that the music basically wrote itself. (There are obvious exceptions, but that's how the story usually goes.) When that excitement emerges... THAT is when the musical magic happens. Unfortunately, for most producers, that magic moment is far too rare. So, how can YOU make the magic happen more frequently? Well, the answer is quite simple...  


You see, if you truly want to create your best work... need to shift your immediate focus away from quality... ...and start focusing on QUANTITY! Why? Well, because through QUANTITY... quality emerges! How exactly does that work? Well, let me break it down for you... Let's do a quick thought experiment. Let's say you want to release an album. That means you need to finish 10 tracks of sufficient quality, that you're happy to put them on public display. And let's say, like most aspiring producers, you have a moderate skill level that allows you to have a "hit ratio" of 20%. Meaning, for every 10 tracks you produce, that 2 of them are "good enough" to be "release quality." Now, because they've been brainwashed by the Music Production Industrial Complex, most aspiring producers are obsessed with making their "hit ratio" as high as possible.

They believe if they want to become a successful pro producer, they need to have a hit rate of 80% or higher.

Meaning 8 out of every 10 tracks they produce needs to be killer... or else they're doomed to spend life in an office, pushing papers!

What I want to propose to you is that if the objective is to produce an album of 10 quality tracks...

...and if you have a "hit ratio" of 20%...

...then why don't you produce 50 tracks, and curate the 10 best tracks onto your album?

Or even better, why not write 200 tracks, and then select the best 10? That's how the best in the business do it, behind closed doors...  

Secrets of the World's Most Prolific Producers

Aphex Twin is arguably one of the most legendary electronic music producers of all time.  

There's no doubt he uses quantity to attain quality. NONE.  

Let's take his first breakthrough album, Selected Ambient Works 85–92, as an example.  

If you're not familiar with this album, it's one of the most iconic electronic music albums ever created. It's on practically every list of the "top 10 electronic albums of all time."  

Now, the first clue to his secret strategy is right there in the title of his album.

What's the first word?  

That's right.  


One can only conclude that this album is made from the best pieces of music he created between 1985-1992.  

And if you know anything about Aphex Twin (aka Richard James), you know that he has released a TON of music. So much, that he has more than 18 aliases!  

Now, one thing that you may not realize is that, between January and November of 2015, Richard posted 268 tracks on SoundCloud under a bunch of different aliases. Including the now infamous (to his fans) user18081971, which refers to his birthday, 18 August 1971.  

And if you've been in the industry for any length of time, you'll probably have heard about Richard's legendary approach to output. He has built a reputation of being a CONSISTENT CREATOR.  

And it's this consistency that has allowed him to build up such an incredible body of work, along with a rabid following and fanbase.  

Here's more: it's not just electronic music producers that take this approach.  

This exact "Quality through Quantity" approach was used to produce the greatest selling record of all time...  

How The Greatest Selling Album (Of All Time) Was Produced In 2 Months

As you may know, the greatest selling album of all time is Thriller, by Michael Jackson.  

At its peak, it sold more than 1 million copies per week. Since release, it's sold over 105 million copies. 

It was produced by the great Quincy Jones, who worked closely with Rod Temperton on the project. 

Now, what you probably don't know is that the entire album was produced in just over 2 months! 

Here it is, straight from Quincy's mouth (via his biography)... "The making of Thriller in a little more than two months was like riding a rocket," Quincy said, "Everything about it was done at hyperspeed. Rod Temperton, who also co-wrote several of the album's songs, and I listened to nearly 600 songs before picking out a dozen we liked." Let that sink in... They went through 600 songs to select the best 12. And then they produced the entire album in two months! The coolest part? This "quality through quantity" approach doesn't JUST apply to the quality of the individual tracks you create. It also applies to the quality of your entire legacy... Your Greatness.  

"No day without a line..."

Check out this graph below. It plots all of the world's greatest classical composers on a chart. On the left side of the graph, each composer is ranked by greatness. And then on the bottom side of the graph they're ranked by their output (i.e the number of compositions they wrote.) The trend is clear. More compositions means more Greatness. And when you look at this graph, you can't help but notice that the most celebrated composers of all time (Mozart, Bach, and Beethoven) also rank high as some of the world's most prolific composers.  

Beethoven himself acknowledged this fact, because he had a personal rule that EVERY DAY - without fail - he had to write music.  

This can be summed up with Beethoven's personal motto:  

"No day without a line." 

And, once you start to dig into this topic, you'll see that this same phenomenon applies across all genres. Not just electronic, pop, or classical music.  

The world's greatest musical acts have almost ALL been insanely prolific. When you're talking about the "best of the best" in any genre, the rare exception is to NOT be prolific. So, the question is... Are they insanely prolific because they're the best? Or are they the best because they're insanely prolific? (I think you know by now, which is the right answer.)  

So, How Can YOU Start Applying This Principle To Your Music?

Well, that's what I want to share with you right now... You see, over the past few years... I've developed a very specific practice that has allowed members of my community to produce the best music of their lives. All by generating an INSANE amount of ideas, exceptionally fast. This approach to making music seemed weird to them at first. And it might feel weird to you too. But it is an ABSOLUTE game changer once you "download it" into your process. Once you do that, it will have you generating more musical ideas than you ever imagined possible. And with this superpower, you'll have the ability to come up with NEW IDEAS on demand. And with such an abundance of ideas, you'll have the luxury of focusing on ONLY THE BEST. THAT is what's going to allow you to create GREAT music right now. The even cooler part? Just by doing this, your "hit ratio" naturally starts to increase...more than any other approach I've discovered. Let me show you how...  



The Idea Explosion Challenge is unlike any "music production course" you've ever seen. If you take this challenge with me, I'm confident it will go down as the BIGGEST STEP you've taken in your music career since the day you first opened a DAW. That may sound unbelievable, but let me explain... You see, inside of the Idea Explosion Challenge, you're not going to find what any of the "typical" music production tutorials teach you. This isn't a program about how to use your hardware or your DAW better (you can use any DAW you want). We aren't going to cover the latest technical production skills (like how to design a kick), or any sort of mixing and mastering techniques. Instead, you're going to discover my unique, creative "Splurge" methodology for coming up with TONS of new track ideas on the fly. And then you'll discover how to harness that raw creative output by channeling it through the my Automatic Music Machine (AMM) system to make the best music possible. At this point in my career, I'm confident saying that the Splurge technique is... 

THE SINGLE MOST EFFECTIVE WAY To Leverage the "Quality Through Quantity" Principle

Now, you may be thinking that you'd be better off learning some additional skills because you "aren't good enough" to make music just yet.  

Maybe you're thinking that learning about some other technical skills would be a smarter choice because... 

• You're not a "real" producer • You don't have any (formal) musical theory • You don't have "the right gear" • You can't mix and master a track "like a professional" • You hate the music you've been working on lately  

Well, I'm here to tell you that none of that matters! The creative process I'm going to show you inside of the challenge works for producers of ALL skill levels. And it is, in fact, the BEST and FASTEST way to improve your ability. How? Well, because nothing improves your skills MORE than making more music! (It's called Practice, baby!) So much so, that the "Splurge" technique is the FIRST thing I make EVERY SINGLE ONE of my clients implement. Indro, all my mastermind students... even my big name, NDA clients (who pay me $5,000 per month to coach them). Whether they're releasing their 400th track, or downloading Ableton for the first time... my instructions are always the same:  


Let me tell you, to make this challenge work, you're NOT going to need HOURS in the studio every time you sit down.  

In fact, you'll be able to this with only 30 minutes a day.  

And if you THINK that you don't have those 30 minutes right now...don't worry.

I'm going to show you how to find them!  

Even if you're a father of 4 small children (like I am) we're going to fit this into your schedule.  

Listen: I've coached hardcore touring musicians and DJs on how to find time the studio time they need to get results. And with the material I'm going to show you in the "preparation phase" of the challenge, I'm confident that you'll be able to find the 30 minutes per day that you need.  

So even if you think: 

• You don't have any time • You've been procrastinating in the studio • You've been hampered by perfectionism • You don't get struck by inspiration very often  

None of that matters. The challenge will show you how to make it work around your busy schedule. You see, the Splurge technique has been specifically designed to DIRECTLY FIX all of the problems I just mentioned. The more you splurge, the less you'll have to deal with the "lack of time and motivation" problems that plague producers without momentum. In fact, once you start to Splurge, you'll discover it's a creative SUPERPOWER. A Superpower that will allow you to discover the greatest musical ideas of your entire career. A Superpower that is going to change your entire perspective on the creative process. So, let's talk about how we're going to give you that Superpower, starting today...

How The Challenge Works

Once you join the program, you're going to get immediate access to the Challenge Learning Center. This is where you'll be able to login and receive all of the challenge instructions in HD video. Through these videos, I'll personally walk you through the 3 phases of the challenge. I'll then demonstrate each exercise so you can see exactly what I'm talking about. Then, I'll give you specific instructions on the action you need take at that very moment. Each day you'll receive another video with specific instructions on what you need to complete for that day of the challenge. So, let's walk through the 3 phases over the course of the next 11 days...

Phase 1: Preparing for the Challenge (Day 0)

Starting today, the first thing you'll need to do is prepare for success. I've built my entire music coaching career on helping top performing DJs and producers get the most out of the (almost) non-existent studio time. Through the experience of helping top pros work around insane touring schedules, I've learned that (more than anything else) your success hinges on how productive you are in the studio. And when you have a busy life with kids and a job (or business, like I do), you studio time NEEDS to deliver. You can't messing around in the studio for hours with little to show for it. You need to be intentional and FOCUSED. Two things most aspiring producers are not. That's why phase 1 of the Challenge will get you setup to produce like a professional. You'll discover the T.I.C.K. process for eliminating all unnecessary distractions, so you can become immediately focused when it's "studio time." You'll also "streamline" your setup, so you aren't DROWNING in decisions about which gear, instruments and plugins to use. This will all be done in less than 30 minutes. And then you'll be ready to start the most productive music making stretch of your entire career.

Phase 2: The Splurge (Day 1-10)

This second phase is the main stretch of the challenge. This is where you'll be coming up with new ideas consistently, day after day. First, I'll introduce the "Pure Unadulterated Splurge," which will become the workhorse of your creative process. You might be thinking this will just be instructions to "start creating a whole bunch of new music..." But I can tell you that there's WAY more to it than that. I have a very specific process I'm going to teach you. You see, you can't just sit down and force yourself to create music when you don't understand what tuat means. It doesn't work like that. That's why I've created a specific methodology that will UNBURDEN your mind for when it's "creative showtime." This will show you how to break through the mental barriers that stop you from producing. You see, making music is PURELY a creative and emotional process. And the creative process is filled with traps and pitfalls that can swallow you up (if you don't know what to look for.) Even top producers have to deal with fear, self-doubt and uncertainty. It's just a natural part of what we do. And for the Splurge technique to be effective for you (like it is for my private clients), there are some very specific things you need to do. Or else you'll stay stuck in your creative rut of not finishing music. To help you stay on course, you're going to learn about "The Rules of The Splurge", which I've developed as a simple set of commandments to keep you on course. Once you've got that down, we're going to start adding new dimensions to your music making, with a bunch of key variations of the Splurge technique. This will give you multiple "entry points" into the creative process, to help you discover strange and wonderful new ideas for tracks...beyond anything you're currently doing. Now, more than ever, this is SO CRUCIAL TO YOUR SUCCESS as more and more music starts to sound the same. With the Splurge techniques you'll learn, many of my students are BLOWN AWAY by the musical ideas they're able to conjure...far beyond how they "typically make music." And I'm confident it will be the same for you. And if you're worried about leaving your desired "style", don't worry. Because in phase 3 I'm going to show you how you can "curate" yourself into a sound of your choosing.

Phase 3: Direct Listening (Day 11)

Phase 3 is where things start to get REALLY interesting. It marks the "end" of the Splurge phase (at least for this cycle), as we move on to finishing the music ideas you've created. This is where you're going to use my "Direct Listening Technique" to assess the ideas that you've created during the challenge. If you can imagine the Splurge as the workhorse of the process, Direct Listening is the lynchpin that holds it all together. HOW you listen to and assess your ideas is THE MOST IMPORTANT skill for a professional producer to have. If you don't understand the intricacies of how to listen to your music, you'll be destined to waste all of your time on the wrong tracks. All while feeling frustrated that you're never getting anywhere! (Sound familiar?) BUT! If you DO know which tracks to select...that's when you can finish music at lightning speed. And I'm going to show you the exact techniques I share with my private clients on how they can identify the best ideas to take forward. Using these techniques, students and clients of mine have finished 5 tracks in a weekend! With that skill in your back pocket, you'll be WAY ahead of nearly every aspiring producer in the game...

BONUS: How To Finish Music With the "Automatic Music Machine"

Now, once you've been through the 3 Phases of the Challenge, I've got a special surprise for you.  

Because for those who complete the challenge, I'm going to introduce you to my "Automatic Music Machine" system.  

This is a simple system that I've developed that allows you to take the output you've generated from the Splurge phase of the challenge, and move it through a straightforward "do this, then that" system.  

Let me tell you, once you see how this are going to be BLOWN AWAY. 

More than anything else I've seen, this system means tracks get finished... FAST! 

So fast that you'll need to keep splurging every day just to make sure you have enough ideas for it to finish!  

This works so well that people have said the Automatic Music Machine has "cracked the code" on making music (my client's words, not mine!)  

Now, let me tell you this...  

When you have the ability to come up with ideas on demand...  

...that's when you're going to discover 3 amazing insights:  

1. You have the ability to generate GREAT musical ideas 2. YOUR "great ideas" are JUST as good as what's being released by other "top pros" 3. Great ideas that excite you = music that gets finished FAST 

I'll say it again, because it's a simple truth of creating music:

Average ideas get avoided... FOREVER. Great ideas get finished... FAST!

You see, when the music tells you where it needs to go, there's no struggle necessary. And this is something you're going to learn first hand during the course of this challenge. By day 11, once you complete your "direct listening" session (another creative technique you're going to learn inside the program)... will be shocked by the quality of ideas you'll want to take forward. And you'll also be shocked by how excited you'll be to work on them! (If you're not, you can send me an email and I'll happily refund your money.) You'll also discover how those ideas can quickly turn into arrangements using the "Automatic Music Machine" process I'll also share with you. And if you follow the instructions I give you, those arrangements will flow into finished tracks before you know it. Let me say it again: You'll be ASTONISHED by the quantity and quality of ideas you'll have generated! Just like these students...

Went from producing 2 tracks in 5 years to completing 2 tracks in a week!

Contacted by a label, but had no tracks available... Used the Splurge and Automatic Music Machine to finish 5 tracks... The label signed 4 of them as his latest EP!

Splurging every day! With 2 songs finished!

Finished 32 tracks in 11 months. 5x more than he had done in the previous 5 years. And 10x the quality!

Back enjoying music making again after 10 years off. With 4 tracks complete!

"Really noticing my splurge quality increasing over time, without aiming for it."  

This Programme is so great! I always had a feeling of overwhelm when it comes to music, never knew what the next step to take was. So I often decided like.. hmm, I never finish stuff, perhaps it would go better if I'd learn to play guitar better, and I'd spend time improving on guitar (drift off from finishing music). There were a lot of these ways that I just lost time and motivation. I got quite good at mixing, but in order to mix something you should create something right xD. My numbers right now:  

Sketchbook goldmine: 70! 🚀 Splurges: about 7-15 More Fun: 4 Done Draft: 3 Complete: 8 🤩(almost as much as before this programme 🤣) Release: 0  

Really noticing my splurge quality increasing over time, without aiming for it. Making music on my phone has really been a game changer for me as well as the arrangement splurge for instance! No reason for struggling with arrangement.  

 - Thomas Burgers 

Officially started his own music business!

"I was basically stuck once the creative flow dried up. feels like a much healthier foundation!"

The real #success though is all the splurges and the couple done drafts still in the pipeline. I've always had 1 project to work on and was basically stuck with it once the creative flow dried up. Now there are so many open projects on one hand but also a clear way to finish each on the other hand. It feels like a much healthier foundation. Hope ya'll doing well!  

- Sebastian Bracht - SOL1DUDE

Imagine Feeling The Magic You Felt When You First Started Making Music  

The excitement. The joy. The energy. Once you start splurging, you'll be one of the "lucky few" who can harness that feeling into your music AT WILL. I can't promise that you'll feel AMAZING every time you hit the studio. Because, as you'll discover inside the Challenge, creating is an emotional process. And you need to FEEL every emotion for it to be effective. But there is a difference between PAIN and SUFFERING. And you won't have to SUFFER, like so many producers do...

Why It's SO Important That You Create CONSISTENTLY  

Let me tell you this:  

As creative individuals is SO IMPORTANT for us to get this part of our lives "sorted."  

Because when you're a creator, and you don't create... it harms you and those you love.  

Your mood is constantly off. You're not pleasant to be around...and you don't do your best work!  

And once you've unlocked your ability to SPLURGE...  

... you're going to start noticing some strange things happen. 

  • You're going to be having fun in the studio again
  • You're going to become more productive because every day you'll have "scratched your own creative itch"  
  • You're going to be less moody because things will be going great in the studio  
  • You're going to have more energy because of how productive your studio time is  
  • You're going to FEEL like a better person because you know you're doing what you are MEANT TO BE DOING

And not only that, but you will be less likely to leave the studio in a bad mood!  

Because you'll know that no matter how good or bad your latest session went... you know you're playing the numbers game like a PRO.  

And the numbers game is what allows the World's Most Prolific Producers to win!  

After 11 days of implementing my exercises, you'll see that you'll...


And a producer with MOMENTUM is a producer on the RISE. With the ability to "splurge" (and generate an explosion of ideas) on demand...'ll have an INCREDIBLE advantage over the rest of the pack. All you need to do is AWAKEN and CHANNEL the creativity that's buried inside of you. Just like these students of mine, who have used the Splurge technique to take themselves to incredible new creative places.

And with the power to create SO MANY ideas on demand, you'll unlock the ability to become prolific.

That means you'll:  

  • Finish more music  
  • Create better music than ever before... because you'll be working with your best ideas  
  • Have more music that you'll WANT to release  
  • Start to build a body of work to be proud of  
  • Have an absolute TON OF FUN during the whole process

Now if you saw a shiny new piece of gear which did all of that (guaranteed)...

How much would you be willing to PAY?  

Well, given that a decent synth costs multiple $1000s, there's no doubt that kind of kit would be worth at least $5,000. Probably way more.  

And you'd be falling over yourself to get it.  

Because ANY piece of kit that would help you (finally) breakthrough and build momentum would do something unbelievable:  

It would help you recoup ALL the value you've already spent on your music over the years!  

I mean, some students come to me spending more than $1,000 per month on gear alone! That's an investment of $12,000 EVERY YEAR.  

(And sadly, the more gear they buy, the less music they tend to make!)  

So, if you have any sort of substantial studio setup, it's safe to say that you may have spent $10,000... maybe even $20,000 on music over the years.  

I know of producers who have spent $50,000 on their studio and setup...without ever finishing a piece of music!  

And your investment in the Idea Explosion Challenge is going to unlock ALL of the potential you've been missing from what you've invested in your music so far. 

So, how much is it to join the 11 day Idea Explosion Challenge  

Well, even though you'll be internalizing the same material that I I share with my private 1-on-1 clients...  

...producers I charge up to $3,000/month (that's $36,000 per year)...  

...producers who earn multiple $1,000,000s per year...  

Joining The Challenge won't cost you anywhere near that amount of money.  

Today, you can join The Idea Explosion Challenge for just $50.  

That's less than a decent meal out with the family.  

Get started with the Challenge right now by clicking this button... 

Join The Idea Explosion Challenge Today for US$50

Do This Once a Day And It Will Change Your Life  

Now, if you'd like to join me on this journey, I want to make this decision as simple as possible for you... You see, right now, myself and the rest of the producers in my world, we're moving forward into what is possibly the most exciting chapter of music making on Planet Earth. With the Internet and technology we have available, we've entered a period of UNREALIZED POTENTIAL with HUGE opportunity for music producers. Unlike ANYTHING the world has ever experienced. You have more tools, more options, and more potential audience building mechanisms than ever before. Making it as a producer has never been more appealing. And separating yourself from the growing pack of "wannabes" has never been more important and challenging. From what I've seen over the years, there is no better way to put yourself "above the crowd" than consistently creating and releasing music. So, if you want to "make it"... then it all starts with FINISHING MORE MUSIC. And I want you to succeed on this journey, which is why I'm willing to put my money where my mouth is.


Yes, you read that right. I am going to PAY YOU to take the challenge. Listen: I believe in this approach so strongly that if you can give me 30 minutes a day (for the next 11 days), I can change your musical life. And to prove that to you, I want to make this an absolute "No Brainer" for you. That's why I'm willing to make this kind of outrageous guarantee to you...

Double Your Money Back "100% Splurge Satisfaction" Guarantee

Ok, now before I get to the part where I "pay you" to take the challenge, I want to be up front about my refund policy. After you join the challenge, I want you to know that if at ANY point, you're not happy...then I'm not happy. I truly want you to be absolutely thrilled with the results you see from the Challenge. If by the end of the 11 days of the challenge, you aren't blown away by what you've discovered... or the results and ideas that you've created... simply email me (or my support team) at any time, and let us know that you would like your money back. Once we receive your request, I'll promptly return every last cent of the investment you made, with no questions asked. (Please allow up to 2 business days for your refund to be processed and confirmed.) That means you can "kick the tires" on the challenge, and try the whole thing risk free and see if it's for you or not. And you can do this whenever you like. There's no 30 day window that I'm hoping you'll forget about. This is a "FOREVER" refund policy. But, I'm hoping you'll go further than just "kicking the tires" because...


Here's where I want to make this INTERESTING... because I'm willing to PAY YOU to take the challenge. Here's how this works... If you are an action taker, and you actually COMPLETE the entire challenge... ...meaning you take action on all 12 days (that includes day 0 of the setup, 10 days of splurging, and then day 11 with direct listening)... ...and this entire process hasn't completely shifted your perspective on how to make music. Then I guarantee I will return your money, PLUS I'll pay you the same amount again from my own pocket, just because you tried it. The only condition on this part of the guarantee is that I ask you to send me proof that you took action on the challenge. That means you'll need to send me a shared folder (on Dropbox, Google Drive, or whatever file sharing service you use) with the audio files you created during the splurge. I hope you understand that since I'm putting my own money on the line here, that I do need to make sure that you actually took action. You're not likely to get this guarantee ANYWHERE else. And that's because I can only make a guarantee like this by being RIDICULOUSLY confident that this will be a game changer for you. All you have to do is click this button to get started. 

So, What Have You Got To Lose?

Look, since you've read this far, I KNOW getting your music production under control is extremely important to you. And should you join the Challenge, can you imagine what life will be like 11 days from now? At the worst, you'll spend 11 days having a blast making a ton of new music, reigniting your love for the music making process. Plus, you'll get PAID for the whole thing if you choose to send me the tracks and tell me you're not happy with the product. At the very BEST, you're going to discover that you have everything it takes to make it as a pro music producer. And after 11 days you're going to come away with an insane amount of ideas for new music. And beyond that, you'll also have an insane amount of confidence, and an insane amount of momentum. And from there the sky's the limit because you'll have an entirely NEW way of thinking about making music. So, it's up to you. I'm ready to get the ball rolling in the next 24 hours if you're ready to get started. If you sign up today, we're gonna dive right in. We'll kick things off by making you a far more EFFECTIVE producer in the studio, who is intentional, focused and productive. And then tomorrow we're going to start banging out crazy ideas for new tracks like a bunch of mad, musical scientists! And you'll be able to do ALL of this WITHOUT spending hours in the studio. Again, you're going to get results with only 30 minutes a day for the next 11 days. A measly 5 hours in total. Remember: I'm even going to show you HOW to find those 30 minutes per day... even if you're like me (busy business owner and father) and your schedule is already packed to the max. Plus: If at any point you don't like what you've discovered, you can get your money back with a simple email to me. So if that sounds good to you, just click this button below and we can get started immediately...

Imagine Having A Creative Superpower That Few Producers Possess  

Look, I've made this as risk free as possible for you, to protect you from the downside.

But I DO want to stress the upside, because I'm all about dealing in optimism and "potential gains" in life.

If this does work, you'll have unlocked a creative superpower that hardly any producers possess. Meaning you'll be on a brand new trajectory that will change your entire life and music career.

Because you'll have "downloaded" (into your brain) an insane advantage over the competition.

And even if that doesn't happen (which I doubt), you'll have created a bunch of new ideas for tracks within the next 11 days. And you'll have had a TON of fun doing it.

Plus you'll get to see how the real PROs create and finish music. And if you see how this will help you create music professionally, this $50 investment will get paid back over and over again.

Either way...if at day 5, or day 10 you don't like what I'm going to show can just send me an email and get all of your money back.

Now, You Could Try This By Yourself... BUT... 

Now, of course, you could just hit the studio yourself, spending the next 11 days making a bucket load of music.

And I'd take my hat off to you. Anyone who takes that sort of action definitely has what it takes to move themselves ahead in this game.

But I want to caution you against that sort of "white knuckle" approach. Because, as I've mentioned, there's a lot of nuance and subtle differences to the creative process that comes from taking a sheer QUANTITY approach.

And if you're not aware of how to manage the sheer quantity of musical ideas you're likely to generate, you'll make your problems (feeling like you haven't got the goods, not finishing music etc) a whole lot worse.

I've tried every approach under the Sun, and I've seen others try to just brute force this too. It doesn't work. That's why I created my unique Splurge methodology - it's the most efficient and effective and reliable way to make this work.

So, if you want to give the "Quality through Quantity" based approach to music approach a try...

ACT now and Join the Idea Explosion Challenge by clicking this button and starting your journey...

It will go down as the best decision you've made a long time. And it will cost you a whole lot less than you've spent on gear and software in the past. Plus, there's absolutely no risk to you, because you can get your money back if you don't get the results I'm promising you here. I'll see you on the other side after you click the button. Onwards and upwards, Mike 

No longer exhausted from forcing every single idea like it's "great"

90 Splurges Later... He realized the only thing missing was a "healthy" creative process

4 tracks completed in a few weeks... all with a full-time day job, and a packed schedule!