You’ve finally found it! The reason you struggle to make the kind of quality music you know you have within you...

Defeat frustration for good when you discover this BRAND NEW "brain-based" breakthrough to make much better music:

Let Me Show You How To Finish More Music In The Next
11 Days Than You Did In The Last 11 Months Without Getting...

Stuck in the Loop

Overwhelmed By Options

Bored of the Song

Jax Jones

“When I have no ideas, Mike helps me gain clarity on limiting beliefs, find motivation and momentum with practical tools I use everyday. The ideas he provides are always surprising in a 'wow I hadn't thought of that kind of way' - big love Mike”

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Claude VonStroke

"It's a different way of getting there and it's more creative because you're trying out way more ideas."

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Jemma Murray

"The biggest game changer is the daily practice of splurging and bouncing every idea. Along with the Music Machine (MM), it has given me a ‘map’ of how I can make music in any place at anytime and move my ideas through the MM to actually finish a piece of music; something I have always been challenged with."

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Tim Hutch (McRocklin & Hutch)

"It's such a great course and has got me creating and releasing more music that I have ever done in the past. So I want to improve on my skills even more in creating and coaching music. The insights I’ve gained have been life changing."

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Indro (Abstrakt.Digital)

"After 4 days one of my releases is charting #8 on the Beatport Progressive House releases, would love some support as I credit Mike Monday with any of my music being made at all!!!"

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Jana Ermert

“I released 2 albums over 6 years. Now I learned how to release two albums in just 1 year.”

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The Method I Used to Go From Zero Music in 8 Years to 524 Quality Tracks in Just 16 Months…

From 1994 to 2010, I released well over 300 tracks as Mike Monday and toured the world playing my music to 1000s. But by 2010:


So, I sold all my gear to focus on helping other musicians, producers, and composers make much better music in a lot less time. But then, after well over 10,000 hours of coaching, I discovered the solution I'd been searching for...

I found a method of making music that SOLVED the problems, which inevitably led to my creative burnout.

I couldn't help it...

I simply had to dust off my headphones and make music again!

3 Albums in ONE YEAR?

Fast forward to October 2020…

Using this method, which I'd practised and distilled into a fine art…I made a new piece of music EVERY SINGLE DAY. I created 524 pieces of music live on my Zentaur channel, which were WAY BETTER than anything I made before.

And now, in 2023, I'm on course to write and produce 3 albums using the same method.

Moreover, I made all this music in a crazy busy life…

(I have 4 young boys, a wife, the Make Music Your Life team, this business, and all my coaching clients!)

And I'd love to share this method with you!

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But you might wonder, "Exactly who is this weird bald bloke, and why on earth world would I listen to you?"

Hello! I'm Mike Monday.

I help musicians, producers and composers just like you make much better music in a lot less time.

In my musical journey so far...

  • Played the piano from age 7, bassoon from 9, and sax and voice from 13...
  • Choral scholar at The Queen’s College, Oxford, where I got a degree in music...
  • First vinyl release in 1994 with Andy Cato (from Groove Armada) as part of the Beat Foundation...
  • Over 300 releases and remixes as Mike Monday, including 6 albums...
  • Beatport number 1 album ("The Begin") in 2019 after 8 years off making music...
  • Completed 2 albums so far in 2023, and I'm finishing another before the end of the year...
  • Long-term coach of A-list artists like Claude VonStroke and Jax Jones...
  • Creator of the Music Machine system to help musicians stay creative in any high-pressure situation...
  • Founder of successful “Make Music Your Life” coaching business over 10 years...
  • Avid music podcaster, including PodWalk, The Album, AI Music

As you can see, I've been around the block and back again. But that's more than enough about me :)

What matters is YOU.

If you get stuck in the loop….

Don’t have enough time to get in the studio…

Suffer from rollercoaster motivation to make music…

(Just like I used to…)


Because you’ve been taught to make music using methods that put you into a battle with yourself.

And here’s the cure:

Introducing the...

Idea Explosion Challenge

Over the next 11 days, let me show you
how you can make more music than
you have in the last 11 months...

In the Idea Explosion Challenge you're going to discover my unique, creative "Splurge" methodology for coming up with TONS of new track ideas on the fly.

And then you'll discover how to harness that raw creative output by channeling it through the Music Machine system to make the best music possible.

Click the arrow or swipe right to view more

Now, you might be thinking...

"Mike, I know how to start making music. In fact, I start way too much music. My problem is I can't get them through the finish line."

This “EITHER I start making loads of ideas... OR I’m finishing this piece of music” approach simply DOES NOT WORK.

Because how you start determines what, how and whether you finish!

By practising your Idea Generation, you will save time, have more fun and produce music of much higher quality.

Here’s why this works:

Reason #1: When you try and finish EVERYTHING you're not choosing your best ideas.

No matter how prolific you are as a musician, some ideas are going to be better than others.

And some ideas will be easier to finish than others.

I don't know about you, but my best work often comes from the least amount of work!

By following this process and making an ENORMOUS number of ideas... and then choosing the best ones to finish... you're leveraging quantity to get to the quality ideas that "finish themselves."

Instead of beating a few mediocre ideas into submission, you'll finish way better (and higher quality) music by making way more ideas.

Reason #2: When you focus all your time on the result (finishing music), you put the result before the process.

Making music is a SKILL.

The more you practice, the better you get at making music.

We know that intuitively.

But if you spend MOST of your time in the studio, struggling to finish ideas, spending all of your time polishing, editing and tweaking...

Guess what you get good at?

Polishing, editing and tweaking!

First and foremost, great music comes from great musical ideas.

By putting the PROCESS first (practising your ability to make great musical ideas), you'll get the RESULTS (finishing more quality music).

You can't do that if you spend all your time trying to "finish" every idea you've latched onto.

Reason #3: The REAL reason you can't finish music.

98% of musicians I've coached don't make nearly as much music as they could or the quality they could.

Here's why:

They're trying to finish tracks that aren't worthy of finishing!

If you spend hours, days, weeks or months on ONE particular idea, you get emotionally invested in it - no matter how good or bad it is!

This creates the perfect conditions where it's almost impossible to finish anything.

Not only is the musical idea not strong enough... but because you're so attached to it (and you don't want to ruin/lose it)... what the piece of music "already is" has been "set" in your mind.

You can't finish it because you're too attached to what it ALREADY IS.

And because you can't finish it, you can't finish anything else either. In the worst cases, you don't even start anything else!

The Idea Explosion Challenge allows you to BREAK this cycle.

You'll create an abundance of ideas to choose from. You don't get overly attached to any track.

And because you know you can always create MORE, ever-better ideas, you're less worried about "ruining" any of them.

Taking this carefree approach, you can choose the best ideas to take forward... and you'll finish much better music in a lot less time.

Click the arrow or swipe right to view more

Reason #4: You'll develop new skills and find your unique sound

Your BURNING DESIRE to make the highest quality music stops you from accomplishing exactly that!

It could even prevent you from making anything at all.


If when you make music, all you can think is, "This isn't good enough," - you're not allowing the process to happen.

You're editing yourself into a creative prison.

Inside the Idea Explosion Challenge, I'll show you a particular way of making music using a set of "rules" called the "Splurge" methodology.

Not only does the Splurge method produce heaps of ideas..., but it also increases your music production skills. These are the perfect conditions to practice a new sound, instrument, or process you've always wanted to learn.

By opening yourself to making ANY and ALL kinds of good and bad ideas, you'll notice patterns and sonic signposts leading to your unique style.

With practice, you'll start making the quality music you know you can make.

Are you ready to start the Idea Explosion Challenge?

Join the Idea Explosion Challenge →
Here’s what you'll get inside the Idea Explosion Challenge:

My unique "Splurge" methodology (and 5 key variations) so you can create new musical ideas on demand with no blocks on your creativity. UNBURDEN your mind for when it's "creative showtime."

A simple, 3-step review process most musicians NEVER THINK about using. It's a foolproof way to improve exponentially through the experience of good AND bad sessions.

The "Direct Listening Technique" that lets you identify the RIGHT musical ideas worth focusing on. THE MOST IMPORTANT skill for a professional producer to have.

The T.I.C.K. process for eliminating all unnecessary distractions, so you can become immediately focused when it's "studio time."

The "Music Machine" system and template. Move ideas forward with a simple "do this, then that" system so you can finish more music than ever before!

Join 1000s of Musicians and Producers Using The
Idea Explosion Challenge To Finish Better Music Today

Nathan (Robo Tiss)

"This program saved my life. I was going into a harsh depression struggling with the thing I love to do most - making music because I thought it wasn't ever good enough, so I just needed to "try harder." Mike's insights on untangling this from first hand experience and teaching it is the best thing to happen. Did not realize how badly I needed to learn this stuff."

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Isaac Spark

"One day, I got a promo email from Mike explaining his “splurge method” and a couple of instructions on how to do it. I remember reading it and saying out loud “hey this is none of that bulls**t I see day after day just trying to get me to buy some new plugin or synth I don’t need”. I tried it out that day, lo and behold, I’ve made progress. I wasn’t sure if it was a one off thing, so I tried it again and again and again. I’ve only got results results and results out of it. I have rediscovered my passion for music it seemed."

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Cynthia Lou

"Make Music Your Life does not disappoint! Keeps me in my highest creative vibe and flow, that magical place where the best ideas come from, while grounding me in the practical, detailed, daily activity that moves me to releasing music."

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Tom S.O.A.P.

"Back for a 3rd time and it's invaluable. I have learnt so much about the process and about myself and it really has changed things for the better. My music has got a lot better and finishing a heck of a lot more due to this course so you 1st time guys are in for a treat."

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Giles Butler

"By far the best educational resource available for getting better as a music producer and an overall artist! Mike's genuinely one of the smartest, nicest and funniest guys you'll meet in the industry! His passion for music and helping others shines through and his knowledge around habit formation, the brain and how to make more music is formidable! You honestly won't find a better tool and community if you want to improve as an artist! Can't recommend highly enough!"

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Sean Naughton (Spiderhound)

"One of my goals was to create 52 songs in 2019. It's February, and I've already finished 50."

How we can help you

Idea Explosion Challenge

Over the next 11 days, let me show you how you can finish more music than you have in the last 11 months...

$50 USD
  • Instant access to the Idea Explosion Challenge course
  • Free downloadable Music Machine Trello template for finishing music
  • A supportive, friendly tribe of musicians, producers and composers where you can get extra coaching and all your questions answered
  • Works with any DAW, hardware, and genre. The only requirement is a way to record and export the audio.
  • Lifetime access to the course, template, and community
Join the Idea Explosion Challenge

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

I'm sure you're going to love this course. But if you don't, make sure you email me directly and ask for the refund within 30 days of purchase to support [at] and you can get all your money back no worries.

Join the Idea Explosion Challenge
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The real #success though is all the splurges and the couple Drafts still in the pipeline. I've always had 1 project to work on and was basically stuck with it once the creative flow dried up. Now there are so many open projects on one hand but also a clear way to finish each on the other hand. It feels like a much healthier foundation.

Sebastian Bracht
Flow Ninja Asset For Testimonial Stars

I started this course three tunes into a coming back to producing after ten years off. My previous obsession with whether things sounded good enough (sounds, the mix, punch etc) seems to have taken a back seat.

80 Splurges, 4 currently in Discover, 2 in Draft, 4 in Done. All of this adds up to the fact that I'm really enjoying making music again.

Void Complet
Flow Ninja Asset For Testimonial Stars

I have done the splurge every day since starting the course.  I have added a music making app on my phone and done some more splurges there.  I have completed 2 songs and have a bunch of great ideas.  The biggest success has been a number of changes in my thinking around my music and the development of a strong creative practice.

Kris Cirkuit
Flow Ninja Asset For Testimonial Stars

Loving the process. I don't think I'll ever produce the same way again!

James Winter
Flow Ninja Asset For Testimonial Stars

Got four tracks complete already, which is incredible! Then there are another three more in [Discover], two in [Draft], and I’m still splurging a minimum of once per day. This is all really insane considering I have a full time day job, run my own mixing and mastering business, a record label, and I’m a DJ performing live many weekends.

Ryan Sullivan
Flow Ninja Asset For Testimonial Stars

I'm finally back... after being totally lost in self commiserating and procrastination. I finished 32 Tracks. 5x of what I did the last 5 years... and a 10x in quality

Benjamin Kullack

Idea Explosion Challenge

Over the next 11 days, let me show you how you can finish more music than you have in the last 11 months...

$50 USD
  • Instant access to the Idea Explosion Challenge course
  • Free downloadable Music Machine Trello template for finishing music
  • A supportive, friendly tribe of musicians, producers and composers where you can get extra coaching and all your questions answered
  • Works with any DAW, hardware, and genre. The only requirement is a way to record and export the audio.
  • Lifetime access to the course, template, and community
Join the Idea Explosion Challenge


Please send any questions you have by using the help button on the bottom right to start a conversation with me (and the MMYL team).

We're always happy to help!

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