Are You Ready For THE BEST YEAR of Your Music Career?

Your Mission (If You Choose To Accept It) Is To… 


Let me show you the EXACT gameplan for the MOST creative, successful (and enjoyable) year of your ENTIRE music career 

Dear Ambitious Music Producer,  

If you want to make massive progress towards becoming a pro producer over the next 12 months, then this letter will show you how.  

Here's the deal:  

I've created something special to help you tackle the most critical problems that EVERY producer needs to master on their journey towards becoming a REAL professional.  

However, it's definitely NOT for everyone.  

Here's what I mean:  

When it comes to wanting to "go pro"... a lot of music producers talk a big game.

Very few ever take concrete action to chase their dream.  

What I'm about to show you is one of the BEST ways I know to shave YEARS off your journey towards becoming a pro...  

And it requires that you show up, take consistent action, and do the work... something most "wannabe producers" aren't willing to do.  

If you are one of the few producers that REALLY wants to become a professional... then what I have is for you. 

Now, "making it" as a producer is all about taking CONSISTENT and PERSISTENT action towards your goals...  

Most aspiring producers who want to make it bump into two main challenges:  

  • They don't know what to do
  • They don't understand how to "recover quickly" after their music practice gets derailed by life  

With what I'm about to show you... you'll soon have a simple system that lays out exactly WHAT you need to do... and WHEN you need to do it

All while keeping you on track and accountable during your busy periods...  

...and dragging you back on track whenever you start to get derailed!  

Sound interesting?  

Well, here's what I'm talking about... 

If you don't know who I am, my name is Mike Monday.  

Over the course of my 20 year career in the music industry, I've worked closely with producers of all skill levels, both as a coach and as a collaborator. During my career I've released over 300 records, including 3 albums, 27 of my own EPs and over 200 remixes. 

I've worked with some of the biggest names out there, including U2, Groove Armada, Claude VonStroke, and Neville Watson.  

I've also worked (quietly) behind the scenes, coaching some of the world's top music producers through their creative and business blocks.  

(I'm under NDA with a number of them, so I can't disclose who they are...but suffice it to say, you've heard their music on the radio. And these guys earn millions of dollars every year, with hundreds of millions of plays on YouTube and Spotify.)  

Now, if you're familiar with my approach to music production, you've probably heard me talk about the importance of taking a QUANTITY based approach to your music making.  

One of my core philosophies is that IF you want to produce high QUALITY music... you must first produce a high QUANTITY of music...  

...and then select "the cream" -- the highest quality ideas -- to work with.  

It's a simple, unavoidable, statistical reality:

Quality emerges THROUGH Quantity.

Once you understand this key principle, it won't surprise you to discover that most of the world's greatest musical artists are also some of the most PROLIFIC.  

And if you want to join them, you must also develop the ability to become prolific.  

More than that: you must develop the ability to become CONSISTENTLY prolific over the long haul.  

The occasional "creative period"... where you hit a purple patch of musical output... won't cut it.  

The solution to this problem? 

The Splurge Technique. 

If you're not familiar with the Splurge Technique... it isn't any sort of technical production skill or technique.  

It's a unique creative practice I've developed. The workhorse of the "creative process" I help my students master.  

And it's what allows them to unlock their inner creativity... to create the best music of their life... and build MASSIVE momentum with their music.  

"Loving the process. I don't think I'll ever produce the same way again!"

-- James Winter 

"It's just a great feeling not being so hung up on everything. Got a few tunes in complete now and it looks like it's gonna be a steady flow from now on..."  

-- James Conry 

"I'm finally back... after being totally lost in self commiserating and procrastination. I finished 32 Tracks. 5x of what I did the last 5 years... and a 10x in quality" -- Benjamin Kullack 

It's true... once you master a "Splurge Practice"... it unlocks a whole NEW world of possibility for you...

And if you're a producer who is struggling in a creative rut... someone who dreams of one day making music your profession... ...I'm confident saying that I believe the Splurge Technique is the #1 most important skill you can develop. Why? Well, if you’ve ever experienced a “fruitful” creative period, you understand the POWER of Creative Momentum. And if you’ve ever been derailed and found yourself in a “barren patch”... you know that rebuilding Creative Momentum is WAY harder than MAINTAINING it. I’ve seen it so many times… Producers build massive momentum… feel satisfied with their progress… and then they take their foot off the gas... As soon as that happens, they don’t “lock in” the progress they’ve made. They slip back into their old habits… falling into the same old traps before ending up back at square one. I've seen this happen so frequently throughout my career, I practically consider it a law of the journey to becoming a creative professional. In fact, I’ve dubbed it “Monday’s Law,” which states:

“A creative individual's chance of success in their chosen field is directly proportional to the level of consistency and persistence they exert in pursuit of their craft.” Simply put...

The Producers who MAKE IT are the producers who stay CONSISTENT and PERSISTENT

If you're stuck in a place without momentum, action and movement are the cure. More than that: IMMEDIATE ACTION is what you need. Yet, most producers I talk with are waiting for some magical period of life to appear... a period where they'll have an abundance of spare time to work towards their goal. Sadly. It never comes. And they never get anywhere. The reality is this...  

YOU need to MAKE time for your PRIORITIES

Now, I understand that we ALL have busy lives...  

And with what I'm about to share with you... you can make progress WITHOUT spending HOURS in the studio every day.  

In fact, you can make stunning progress with only 30 minutes a day.  

And if you THINK you don't have those 30 minutes right now... don't worry. I'll show you how to find them.  

Even if you're a father of 4 small children (like I am) we're going to fit this into your schedule.  

I've coached hardcore touring musicians and DJs on how to find time the studio time they need, even with their INSANE schedules. With the material I'll share, I'm confident you'll find the 30 minutes per day you need.  

So even if you think: 

  • You don't have any time
  • You've been procrastinating in the studio 
  • You've been hampered by perfectionism  
  • You don't get struck by inspiration very often 
  • You have trouble being consistent with your music  

None of that matters. 

The system I've developed is a DIRECT FIX to all of those problems

And the more you use it, the less you'll have to deal with the "lack of time and motivation" problems that plague producers without momentum.  

I’ve worked with more than 6,125 producers and I’ve racked up a pile of success stories.  

Many who have gone on to create the best music of their careers.  

And it’s clear from their feedback that what I teach is different to anyone else.  

What you’ll learn from me isn’t just another new set of “production tips and tricks.”  

You get what you need for long-term, lasting growth and progress with your music career.  

And that’s because I understand the power of Monday's Law.  

Once you join my world, we don't focus on the latest, flashiest technical production techniques that are going to change 6 months from now.  

No... here at Make Music Your Life we focus on the two most IMPORTANT things you possess:

  • Your creative process
  • Your MIND

My goal is ALWAYS to help you build the creative habits that will keep you moving forward… for as long as you want music to be a part of your life.  

"IT HAS CHANGED MY LIFE towards the direction that I have always wanted to go but never knew where to start."

- Bobbi A Deild

"30 days of consecutive daily practice and counting."  

- Sam Kearns

"It certainly has been the best year so far. I've finished 53 tracks so I multiplied my output 10 times in comparison to last year."  

- Jali Mikkonen

"Wow. Reflecting on the past month ... I can not BELIEVE how much music I’ve made" - Kat Steih

And if you’ll allow me to toot my own horn here for a minute… After nearly a decade of coaching producers… I KNOW my approach works way better than anything else you’ve probably tried before. There are a bunch of reasons for why this is, which I’ll get to in a minute… What I want to tell you right NOW though… is this… ...if you are TRULY committed to making it as a professional producer in this modern age... Then I have a Challenge for you… Actually, it’s more than a challenge… It’s a MISSION.  

The MISSION to Make Music Your Life

The objective of this Mission is to transform your career and turn you into a professional music producer.  

To take you from where you are now...  

And turn you into a producer with a new found “Quantity Based” skills in music production…  

Someone who consistently releases unique music to a growing, hyper-engaged fan base.  

And from there, we’ll turn you into a producer who earns real money from your music.

This Mission is meant to give you a clear and consistent path to escape from the cycle of frustration that most producers find themselves trapped in. 

  • Excited by "new shiny" things (tools or information)... 
  • Overwhelmed with everything you could do... 
  • Not knowing what to do at any given moment… 
  • Starting something, only for it to become difficult, then wondering if it's the “right” thing...
  • Before your motivation hits a new low and you abandon music again (for a while)  

While my Splurge technique is the answer to many of these issues…  

Once you have the Splurge in your toolbelt... What you’ll really benefit from is a CLEARLY STRUCTURED plan for how to Make Music Your Life.  

A plan that cuts out all of the information and options overload that’s flooded into the market by the Music Production Industrial Complex.  

A plan that gives you a clear way to make progress with your music career… where you are always focused on the key areas of Mastery that actually make a difference to your career…  

...all while avoiding the sneaky pitfalls that so many amateurs fall prey to.  

And that’s exactly what I have for you.  

After helping more than 6,000 producers on their journey... I’ve identified 3 AREAS OF MASTERY you MUST develop if you want to make it as a pro

If you can get a handle on these 3 areas of Mastery… you’ll be destined for a long, fruitful and fulfilling career as a music producer. Miss out on just ONE of them… and your chances of success fall away to ZERO. That’s what this next phase of your journey is all about. A year long mission to develop Mastery in these 3 critical areas… so you can finally MAKE MUSIC YOUR LIFE!  

Let’s look at what your Mission involves in a little more detail...

The first area you must master in the Mission to Make Music Your Life is: MUSIC. As you know, if your music isn’t up to scratch, you’ll never make it. Here's the thing: Music Mastery is something that takes a LIFETIME to achieve. In reality, it’s a never ending journey we all have the pleasure of taking. Still… (and this is important for you to realize)... you DO NOT need to be a Master in Music BEFORE you make a stable career. Your music just needs to be “good enough” to get a foothold in your chosen musical space. And if you accept this new Mission, you'll first see what it takes to make music a part of your everyday life.... and then you’ll see how it’s possible to accelerate your progress and musical growth in ways you can only imagine right now. Stay consistent with the practice, and I’ve no doubt you WILL make the progress you’re looking for… much faster than you think. More than that: As your mission progresses over the next year, you'll discover a deeper and deeper understanding of the creative aspect of music making… seeing new dimensions that will continue to blow your mind. Meaning, a few months from now, you'll already be ONE THIRD OF THE WAY to completing your new Mission… With your music “handled”... the next area to master is your Mindset. Mindset is critical because making music your life is a challenge few ever attempt. Even fewer are successful. Why? Because it’s a road where you face constant failure and frustration. Often daily.  

The music industry is changing at a BLISTERING pace…

The COVID pandemic and resulting destruction of almost every musician’s business model (which was reliant on heavy touring & live gigging) means we are now in COMPLETELY uncharted territory.

This is very challenging. BUT a HUGE opportunity for those willing to do the work

And if you’re not equipped with the correct Mindset, all you’ll see around you are insurmountable challenges and obstacles... SO MUCH of the game is dependent upon what’s going on in your head. And the main challenge to “making it”, surprisingly, isn’t about mastering Music. It’s about Mastering your Mindset. Now, when I say “Mindset”, I’m not talking about repeating daily affirmations in the mirror... or singing kumbaya around a fire to ease your emotional pain. (Although there’s nothing wrong with that if it’s your thing!) I’m talking about understanding the deep psychological underpinnings that cause so many producers to cave in to their fear, self-sabotage, and self-doubt. If you can fix THOSE problems… then you can stop fighting yourself. You can re-build your beliefs so that your mindset accelerates your progress… rather than constantly holding yourself back. Once you’ve developed mastery over your Mindset, you’ll have a MASSIVE advantage over the competition. Finally, the third area that you’ll need to develop mastery over is Money.  

Without the ability to get paid for your music... You don’t have a career... You have a hobby!

If you don’t have the right information about what’s working now, most music careers are doomed to fail. Almost immediately. And those that don’t fail immediately are doomed over the long term because they tend to rely on the two MOST DIFFICULT income streams out there. With what I’m about to show you… you’ll see exactly how it’s possible to build a profitable music career TODAY… and you’ll also see exactly how much money you can expect to earn. NOW… here’s the part where I blow your mind! Because you've come this far... and because you've put your trust in me to guide you on your journey...  

I want to show you how you can unlock Mastery over your Music, Mindset and Money… FOR FREE!

Let me explain…  

Everything I’ve just explained… Mastery over your Music, Mindset, and Money…  

All of that was covered in one of my flagship programs, called… 

Pro Producer Secrets 

Pro Producer Secrets is one of my flagship programs that shows you how to build a successful career as a music producer RIGHT NOW in this modern age of music... An age where the existing “pro producer” business model has been unceremoniously shoved through the grinder. It's the ONLY program where I give you a FULL YEAR of structured guidance... as you develop your mastery over the areas we just talked about: Music, Mindset, and Money. It’s a special way for you to “download” my 20 years of experience as a professional producer… so you don’t have to fall into all of the pitfalls I fell prey to.  

Here’s a small taste of the journey you’ll take inside of Pro Producer Secrets...

Here’s a small taste of the journey you’ll take inside of Pro Producer Secrets...  

Intro Month - Score Yourself

While it’s 100% possible, a career in music has never been easy. But if you don’t know where you’re at, you won’t know where you’re going. Getting clear on where you are will give you clarity on what to do and where to focus your efforts. You'll start with my “score yourself” process on the various areas you need to get sorted if you are to make a secure and stable career from the music you make. 

Month 1 – Get Your Head Straight

A deep dive into the “frame of mind” required for success. An antidote to the “doom and gloom” peddled everywhere that a career in music isn’t possible. And a revolutionary method to discover the potential financial opportunity awaiting you.

Month 2 – What You...Want? Got? Need?

Very few producers ever identify what they WANT & &EED from their music careers. Or the "resources" they’ve already got to help them. Those who are clear on this are the most successful people I know. I’ll take you through a specific process I guide my one-to-one clients through which gives them crystal clear clarity on what they want to do and how they can get there. 

Month 3 – Generate Your Possible Futures

If you currently believe a career in music isn’t possible, then you’re simply not seeing the many opportunities everywhere. Understandable given the doom and gloom peddled on the Internet! To overcome this creativity killing mindset - in month 3 I’ll take you through a process which will demonstrate all the opportunities you COULD take, if you could see them. 

Month 4 – Identify Initial Opportunities

By this point you’ll realise the real problem in the modern music industry isn’t a LACK of opportunity… it’s an OVERWHELMING number of options. Particularly in a musical landscape which is continuing to change at an ever faster pace. This month you’ll dive into the opportunities that YOU identified that will give you the best chance of creating a long term, stable & se&ure career in music.  

Month 5 – Generate Your Unique Style

Becoming a successful producer is about standing out from the crowd. But that crowd is growing. To say “I’m into music” now means “I MAKE music”. So how do you stand out? By creating a UNIQUE STYLE only you can make. In Month 5 I’ll show you how to make music which people understand, but which SOUNDS LIKE YOU! 

Month 6 – Release Regularly

The DREAM: get signed by a big label. Have worldwide hit. Life & care&r sorted. The REALITY: Not so easy! Of course I WANT the dream for you. Once in a blue moon, someone does it. But winning the lottery is more likely. So this month I’ll dive deep into how to get noticed by a big label AND (even more important) how to make your music career work by releasing regularly, even without winning the “label lottery”!

Month 7 – Review / Regroup / Reflect

One of the most underused yet crucial tools producers use (because we’re all so inundated with the “new”) is a REVIEW process. This is the kind of feedback you WANT to pay attention to. By month 7 you’re over half way through, and now is THE time to review how far you’ve come, what you’ve done which has worked, what you could do better. It will also allow you to prepare for the home straight where we’ll be shifting gears to focus on your audience... 

Month 8 – How to Connect With Others

If you’re anxious about building a raving fanbase, then what chance of success do you have? Thing is, what you might not know about me is that I WAS TERRIFIED about building my first fanbase. Only because I didn’t understand how to do it. In fact, I thought the strategies I was following were wrong, "dirty" and/or something I had to “pretend I didn’t care about”. This month we’ll destroy these mistaken beliefs about marketing & promotion and show you how to connect with your fans, so they WANT to hear from you. 

Month 9 – Define Your Tribe

he first step of attracting your raving fanbase and giving them what they want is knowing who they are (or could be). While it might seem like something you can never figure out, this month I’ll take you through a process which will simply and clearly allow you to discover who they are and what they want - using what you already know about yourself! 

Month 10 – Who Is Your Ideal Tribe Member?

Now you know the kind of people your tribe is made up of, it’s essential to get even clearer on who your ULTIMATE tribe member is. Who is the kind of person who will be one of your 1000 true fans? The person who will buy everything you make, come to every gig and follow everything you do? Because (if you are not relying on the “label lottery”) this person will be the core & lifeblood of your music business.

Month 11 – Your Tribe Growth System

Every single successful business (even in music) is built on repeatable scalable systems. I will show you the simple system I’ve developed to build my online coaching business, and now am using to build my “Mike Monday - the artist” business. This is the exact same system I leveraged to hit the 

 Pro Producer Secrets contains everything I WISH I knew when I first started out…

More than that: it’s about what it takes to build a thriving career in the music industry TODAY. If you come on this 12 month journey with me… you’ll be consistently creating, and releasing music that uniquely sounds like YOU… all while building a healthy (and profitable) career as a music producer. Everything you’ll discover on this journey will work for you REGARDLESS of the type of music you’re creating. Whether it’s deep house, hip-hop, drum’n’bass, techno, chillout electronica...or even if you're composing music for film and tv... or a singer songwriter. Pro Producer Secrets is about building a stable career as a producer… not about how to produce a specific style of music...

(Even though we’ll go DEEP into your creative process in a “genre agnostic” way). And if all of that sounds incredible, it gets even better. 

 I’m going to give you this ENTIRE $1,164 program… 100%... FOR FREE!

Hundreds of producers have come through Pro Producer Secrets… many of them raving about what they learned and the progress they’ve made. And all of them happily paid $97/month for the program. Meaning Pro Producer Secrets is valued at $1,164 for the entire 12 months… And I’m offering you this $1,164 program -- FOR FREE -- as a blatant, shameless bribe to convince you to check out my membership program called…  

Mission: Make Music Your Life

Get direct mentorship, guidance and accountability on your journey to become a professional producer

Mission: Make Music Your Life is the ABSOLUTE BEST program I have to ensure you keep your momentum and move forward for the long term…

It's where you get customized instructions on what to work on every month so you can make massive progress with your music.

This is the program I created so that... 12 months from now... you can look back and say “this was the greatest year in my music career.”  

Here’s how the membership program works...

A Proven System to Build The Best Year of Your Music Career... All With The Power of Consistent (and Persistent) Action  

Once you join Mission: Make Music Your Life, you’ll get immediately added to what I call “The Monthly Mission Cycle.”  

The cycle is where you’ll receive 4 Missions every month, with clear video instructions delivered directly to your inbox.  

Each Mission you’ll receive will be either:

  • A new “creativity game” or “Splurge” technique to further accelerate your Music Mastery and maintain a consistent level of musical output. 
  • A “low time commitment” action focused on further developing your Mindset and Money Mastery.  

Each mission video is about 10 minutes long and designed for you to take DIRECT, IMMEDIATE action.  

I don’t beat around the bush in these videos by explaining theories or stuffing it with filler content… instead, you get clear instructions to complete an exercise that will unlock a critical new insight for you WHILE you complete the action.  

This format gets around the “procrastination” of having to “consume content”... so this won’t be “just another course you have to do.”  

Instead… it will be the driving force that keeps you accountable and ON TRACK with your music for the next year.  

This accountability format results in HUGE gains that compound MASSIVELY over the course of 12 months.  

If you take this journey with me, you will hardly recognize yourself in a year’s time.  

 Some examples of past missions include:

  • The Opposite Game: how to instantly turn a great idea into a piece of music that LEAPS out of the speakers 
  • Music History / Music Future: instant clarity on what you want your music to be 
  • Multiply Your Time: a practice which will multiply the amount of time you have to spend on music over the next 3 months 
  • Burn Your Baggage: How to instantly transform the bad experiences which are holding you back into fuel for your future 
  • Hypnagogia Sleep Trick: How to get to sleep in 5 minutes or less (this works EVERY TIME) 

And the feedback from students has been amazing...

"Made my focus 100% sharper"

"This last mission replacing time dividers with time multipliers is the most amazing mission you put out !! It has made myfocus 100% sharper. I realized how much I let the distraction get in the way of the work."  

- Juan Carlos

"The Strength Splurge was a huge success for me."  

- Mat Ste-Marie

"Tomato Challenge has taken me to the next level! Set myself a week for each track on the album. Tomato challenge has gotten me all the way through a track in just two days!"  

- James Orvis

Your Mission… If You Choose To Accept It... 

Instructions for each week’s mission arrive on a MONDAY… where you’ll get the “rules” of the mission and how to accomplish it.

The missions are delivered “in real time” so the entire Mission: Make Music Your Life community works on the exact same set of actions together.

You can either “accept” the mission for that week and DO IT…

Or “reject” the mission and have a week off… in case you’re busy or life has to take priority (which happens to all of us).

It’s 100% cool if you don’t have time that week to complete the mission… or don’t want to complete that mission.

The BEST part?  

You’ll never have to worry about “falling behind”... Each month we focus on building MORE momentum!

The purpose here is NOT to “COMPLETE EVERY MISSION.” The purpose is to make sure you have a CLEAR plan for WHAT TO DO NEXT. That’s why whether you accept the mission or not… every mission will “self destruct” after the latest mission is released… That way, whenever you check into your Mission Coaching Center, you’ll only have ONE MISSION to focus on at any one time. This format removes all the friction and overwhelm that stops you from building MORE momentum and progress towards your goals. So if (and when) you fall off the horse for a week (or a month)… you won’t have “fallen behind”. And you won’t have to “catch up” on the existing content. Instead, the Mission Cycle will provide you with multiple “cues” every month to GET BACK TO BUILDING MOMENTUM. REMEMBER: The objective here is NOT to “COMPLETE EVERY MISSION.” The objective is to create an environment where you take CONSISTENT and PERSISTENT action over the next 12 months… all while I guide you towards developing mastery over your Music, Mindset and Money… with actions I KNOW get results.  

NEW: YOUR community of music producers, musicians and composers doing these Missions together!

Many 100s of producers have already joined Mission: Make Music Your Life, and received insane value. 

But I have recently added a NEW MAKE MUSIC YOUR LIFE COMMUNITY, which will multiply your results…

In this community you will:

  • Get all your questions answered about the weekly Missions by me and the Make MUsic Your Life coaches which means you’ll never be wondering what to do or how to do it…
  • Receive feedback on your music from the community of musicians and music producers like you (and importantly NOT like you as Make Music Your Life is genre agnostic…)
  • Network and build relationships and even collaborations with other musicians who are equally as excited to build something in this new music industry…
  • Be accountable to a group of people ALL DOING THE SAME THING (trust me - this on it’s own will increase the chances you’re going to knock it out the park this year…
  • Gain additional insight and knowledge from me, as I create new videos and content specifically for this community in response to what you need and want…

This community (which has a separate private area ONLY for Missioneers) will be your private classroom, your safe space where you can get the help you need EXACTLY when you need it.

And instead of putting this space in the middle of the uber distracting, anger creating 💩fight that is Facebook 

(like many other programs do)...

Because I KNOW that Facebook is where you get distracted - I’ve opted that we’ll meet, share and support each other on our own private Discord server. 

It is a separate app (you can get on any phone, tablet, computer or browser), it isn’t in amongst the latest argument about politics, religion,  or conspiracy theory - it’s a supportive, safe and friendly environment where you can STAY FOCUSED on YOUR MISSION: to make your life... 

The Best Year of Your Music Career For ONLY A DOLLAR A DAY!

Here’s the deal… The regular price of Pro Producer Secrets, the program I’m going to give you for free, is $97/month. So it’s a 12 month long program, valued at $1,164. You get that ENTIRE program FOR FREE when you join Mission: Make Music Your Life today for only USD $30 per month. Meaning you’ll get your hands on one of my FLAGSHIP programs AND have the BEST year of your music career for only a DOLLAR A DAY. That’s less than a cup of tea! If you're ready to get started, simply click the button below...

Yes! I'm ready to Make Music My Life!

What’s more… I’ll let you try out the WHOLE THING… RISK FREE…

Totally RISK FREE… Try it on me and see if you like it...

My Ironclad 60-Day 100% Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee

Because I know how much the Mission: Make Music Your Life material can help you… I want to make this as much of a “no-brainer” as possible.

That’s why the first 2 months of this program are completely risk free.

You can join today and if at any time over the next 60 days you’re not completely satisfied with what you find inside of the program… simply email me or my team and let us know.

I’ll happily return every cent of your membership fees.

With this 60-Day guarantee, that gives you tons of time to experiment with the first few missions AND check out the material inside the Pro Producer Secrets program.

If you check all of that out and decide it’s not what you expected… you can just email me and my team will take care of processing your refund as soon as we receive notice (please allow up to 2-3 business days for processing).

If you do want to continue… just sit back and relax… I’ll continue to send you 4 new missions every month… plus a new month’s worth of Pro Producer Secrets. And if you feel like you’ve had enough at any time, you can simply cancel your monthly membership at any time by sending me or my team a simple email with instructions to do so. If you're ready to get started... just click this orange button and we'll get you all setup! 

Here's what happens next...

Joining Mission: Make Music Your Life is as easy as clicking the button marked “I'm ready to Make Music My Life!” at the bottom of this page.  

Once you click the button below, here’s what will happen:  

You'll be taken to an order processing page where you'll fill out your credit card details. Once you complete your order, your credit card will be charged for your $30 monthly membership fee. Right after you join, you’ll be taken to a thank you page that will give you instructions on exactly how to get access to your programs. When you first get setup, you'll get immediate access to “The Mission Setup” program, which will be delivered to you via email. This will be a unique program inside of your "Make Music Your Life" Coaching Center... and it will walk you through everything you need to complete BEFORE your first mission instructions land in your inbox.

You’ll also get instructions of how to join the Make Music Your Life community on Discord and introduce yourself to your fellow “Missioneers”... Your first Mission instructions will arrive on the next calendar Monday, and will be delivered in a separate "ONE MISSION" program inside your Coaching Center.  

Then, in 7 days, once you're all setup with your Monthly Mission Cycle… I’ll send you the first month’s worth of content from Pro Producer Secrets.  

From there, you’ll continue to receive a new month’s worth of content from the Pro Producer Secret program every 30 days or so.  

So, if you want to accelerate your progress and undertake the Mission to Make Music Your Life, simply click the button below to get started. 

THE MILLION DOLLAR QUESTION: 12 Months From Now... Where Will You Be?

Here's a reality of life: Whenever you're working towards a goal... you're either "growing" and moving towards it... or "declining" and moving away from it. What you may not realize though is just how important it is that you're ALWAYS growing IF you want to maximize your chances of success. And that's because of something called "The Compound Effect." "The Compound Effect" explains how small, seemingly insignificant changes stack on top of each other to produce MASSIVE results over the long term. Just take a look at this graph: 

The blue line shows your growth with a 1% improvement over time. The red line shows your progress with a 1% decline over time. And while there isn't much difference between the two... over time the difference between the two trajectories begins to get bigger and bigger... until they're almost worlds apart. This is exactly what happens to you as you try to progress forward in your music career. You either grow... or stagnate and decline. And with the power of "The Compound Effect" working FOR YOU... then only improving by 1% per day can have massive results over the term as those small changes amplify one another... And the quicker you hit "the apex" of growth... where the line starts to swing upwards... the sooner you'll see that massive upswing in your ability. So... when it comes to your goal of becoming a professional producer... 12 months from now... where will you be? Will you look back at these next 12 months and be happy with the progress you've made? And how will your trajectory over the next 12 months affect your entire career? The best way to make sure you're on the RIGHT side of the compound effect is by "locking in" small incremental gains with CONSISTENT action. Mission: Make Music Your Life is all about making that happen for you. If over the next 12 months you were to complete even just HALF of the essential “missions” you'll receive... areas like finishing music, improving your sound, finding your style, getting your music heard, building your following online, growing your network...'ll be LIGHT YEARS ahead of where you are now. And if you'd started that 12 months ago... imagine where you'd be right now... So... do the right thing. Accept your mission. Become consistent and persistent. And let me show how to Make Music Your Life. Click the button below and you'll be able to start your journey right away. See you in the community,