Make Music Your Life Programs

Idea Explosion Challenge

Over the next 11 days, finish more music than you have in the last 12 months...

Here's what the Idea Explosion Challenge includes:

  • My unique "Splurge" methodology (and 5 key variations) so you can create new musical ideas on demand with no blocks on your creativity. UNBURDEN your mind for when it's "creative showtime."
  • The "Direct Listening Technique" that lets you identify the RIGHT musical ideas worth focusing on. THE MOST IMPORTANT skill for a professional producer to have.
  • The T.I.C.K. process for eliminating all unnecessary distractions, so you can become immediately focused when it's "studio time."
  • The "Automatic Music Machine" system. Move ideas forward with a simple "do this, then that" system so you can finish more music than ever before!

Mission: Make Music Your Life

The EXACT game plan for the MOST creative, successful (and enjoyable) year of your ENTIRE music career...

Here's what you'll get inside "Mission: Make Music Your Life":

  • 4x Monthly Missions to accelerate your progress as a music producer... and take your music to new heights
  • Pro Producer Secrets - My flagship $1,164 (USD) program that shows you how to build a successful music career in the modern age of music
  • Continued Coaching so you develop mastery over your Music, Money and Mindset
  • On-going accountability to make sure you stay CONSISTENT and PERSISTENT with your music making

Turbo Track Attack

An live online workshop, you'll get a track from zero to demo in under 3 hours...

Here's what the Turbo Track Attack is about:

  • Your MMYL Coach will give you a series of super short and super fun creative games which you'll implement create an entire track!
  • Each game has been carefully designed by your MMYL Coach for a specific part of the creative process to give you the best chance of making the best possible music in the shortest amount of time…
  • After each stage of the Track Attack, your MMYL Coach will answer questions and help you overcome any challenges you faced with each game…
  • By writing music together in a large class setting with short deadlines (each game is 20 - 30 minutes long) you'll really "GET" what it means to make music fast, and build your creative muscles…
  • The workshop recording will be edited, split into shorter more easily consumable videos and you'll get access to them within 1 week so you can repeat and practice this process…
  • You'll also gain access to the Make Music Your Life Discord community so you can ask questions and get help from Mike and the Make Music Your Life coaches for as long as you need it…
  • This isn't focused on a particular genre and isn't DAW, gear or software specific - so you'll be able to participate no matter what kind of music you make or what equipment or software you use.

Because the Turbo Track Attack happens periodically throughout the year for one day only, enrollment is currently closed.

If you'd like to be the first to know about when the Turbo Track Attack happens, you can opt in to get notified when it happens. Or simply send us an email to and let us know you'd like to be notified about the next available workshop.


The Automatic Music Machine

Double the quality and quantity of your music in the next 6 weeks...

Here's what the Automatic Music Machine includes:

  • Uncover the 5 stages of the creative process and how to take the necessary steps to improve the quality of your music while finishing your music at a faster rate than most producers
  • Quickly identify which tracks you should be working on at any given moment (even while you're working on multiple tracks at the same time!), plus the specific actions you need to take to finish each and every track.
  • My unique process I've developed while helping top pros and aspiring producers answer the question: "How do I create more, better music with a ridiculously busy life?"
  • A discovery approach (as opposed to a design approach) to creating great music with what strengths and abilities you ALREADY have, which means you won't need new gear OR "production tips" for designing the perfect sound in your head
  • Learn the #1 mistake most producers make inside the studio that leads to ruining already great pieces of music (plus how to correct the "listening error" by listening your music in a non-studio setting)
  • The Music Hit Squad - my elite community full of dedicated, passionate "Producers on the Rise" who can also support and hold you accountable through the journey of creating your own Automatic Music Machine

Because the Automatic Music Machine happens periodically throughout the year (each enrollment is 6 weeks at a time) and there is a level of personalized accountability from the MMYL coaches, enrollment is only available when the next class starts.

You can be the first to know about the Automatic Music Machine by clicking "join the next class" and signing up for the waitlist.

Make Music Your Life Mastery

Over the next 6 months I’ll help you build your secure and stable music business...

Here's what Mastery includes:

  • Multiply your chances of success as you'll discover how to “become so good they can’t ignore you” by dialing in on each area of The Trident (Music, Money, and Mindset)
  • Develop your Unique Style with the Automatic [Unique] Music Machine by upgrading your music making abilities to be immediately recognisable and different to what’s already out there
  • Set the foundation for your Magnet Model, supercharge what you’re doing to make it more easy and fun for you, and more magnetic for “them” so you can make money from your music (and if you already have a business, we'll figure out how you can supercharge what you're already doing)
  • Make your music irresistible and compel those who’ve found you to return AND tell their friends about it
  • Group learning form over 8 weeks with coaching and "hot seat" feedback sessions
  • Bonus group music making sessions (SLAMs) and a coaching gym for getting extra help outside the group calls
  • The Mastery Lab with all the previous Quests, tools, games, coaching sessions, and solutions for almost ANY problem you might encounter

Make Music Your Life Mastery is only open for enrollment if you have completed the Automatic Music Machine (or previously offered programs like The Leap or Project Pressfield).

If you have completed the Automatic Music Machine (or The Leap/Project Pressfield) and would like to know when seats for the next Mastery class is available, please send us an email to support [at] makemusicyourlife [dot] com OR use the "?" button on the bottom right corner to send us an email directly.