You’ve finally found it! The reason you struggle to make the kind of quality music you know you have within you...

Defeat frustration for good when you discover this BRAND NEW "brain-based" breakthrough to make much better music:

Let Me Show You How To Go From Zero To Rough Demo In Under 3 Hours Without Getting...

Stuck Finishing Tracks

Overwhelmed By Options

Bored of the Song

Jax Jones

“When I have no ideas, Mike helps me gain clarity on limiting beliefs, find motivation and momentum with practical tools I use everyday. The ideas he provides are always surprising in a 'wow I hadn't thought of that kind of way' - big love Mike.”

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Claude VonStroke

"It's a different way of getting there and it's more creative because you're trying out way more ideas."

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Daisy Bowman

"Having looked into the creative process over the last years, there is nothing like this that I've found. It has helped me approach my music in a much more accessible way on a daily basis."

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Why Are We Still Making Music This Way?

Have you noticed how you end up making some of the BEST music you’ve ever made - without even trying?

Or maybe a lot of your best music felt like it happened almost accidentally?

Have you found that the more fun you have, the better the music gets?

These experiences are universal for anyone who finishes the best music they could.

(If you finish good music but haven't had these experiences, you're likely making a fraction of the quality and quantity you could.)

So, what’s the reason we often gravitate towards these approaches?


Hard Work

Academic “Learning”

Dour Seriousness

For some reason we have it in our heads that the creative process is like a school maths exam.

(If you’re North American - that would be “math exam”.)

As if a "furrowed brow" will unlock your inner genius. This is more likely to make that flighty mofo of yours run a mile.

Sure, it might work if you’re a brain surgeon. Or pilot. Or lawyer.

But here’s what I’ve discovered from 25 years making music and 10 years coaching musicians, composers and music producers...

The “school maths exam” approach signals the long, slow death of any creative process.

(Sometimes a short quick death too!)

Yes, we have to work hard...

But when it’s fun - you don’t have to use discipline - because you’re excited to PLAY HARD!

You don’t “learn” from books or videos (you find out what to learn from them...)

Because in music production you learn by DOING!

So if you’re approaching your music production process with anything like “dour seriousness”...

If you have to discipline yourself to do the hard work…

If you’re trawling through masses of information like you’re at school…

It’s time to try something different.

Because I guarantee you’ll get much further, much faster by HAVING SOME FUN!

(Yes, that is most definitely allowed. In fact, round these parts IT’S REQUIRED.)

Why not instead of all this heavy, tortuous, boring nonsense - you PLAY A GAME instead?

This might surprise you, but from helping 10s of 1000s musicians and producers over the last decade, here's what I know FOR A FACT:

You Already Have the Tools and Skills You Need To Make Much Better Music in a Lot Less Time!

But most musicians and producers don’t follow through.

When they're on their own with their machines and instruments, they can't help getting in their own way. Falling into their old bad habits...

The music production process is so chock full of rabbit holes, pitfalls and dead ends that most default to making music the "hard and painful" way.

Now, in "high touch" coaching situations (my flagship program Make an Album With Mike, my mastermind groups and in my work with one-to-one clients) I can make sure everyone gets results.

But now I've developed a way to deliver similar results at a way lower cost - so more people can start to take advantage of this revolutionary creative methodology.

But I'll bet you're thinking, "Exactly who is this weird bald bloke, and why on earth world would I listen to you?"

Hello! I'm Mike Monday.

I help musicians, producers and composers just like you make much better music in a lot less time.

In my musical journey so far...

  • Played the piano from age 7, bassoon from 9, and sax and voice from 13...
  • Choral scholar at The Queen’s College, Oxford, where I got a degree in music...
  • First vinyl release in 1994 with Andy Cato (from Groove Armada) as part of the Beat Foundation...
  • Over 300 releases and remixes as Mike Monday, including 6 albums...
  • Beatport number 1 album ("The Begin") in 2019 after 8 years off making music...
  • Completed 2 albums so far in 2023, and I'm finishing another before the end of the year...
  • Long-term coach of A-list artists like Claude VonStroke and Jax Jones...
  • Creator of the Music Machine system to help musicians stay creative in any high-pressure situation...
  • Founder of successful “Make Music Your Life” coaching business over 10 years...
  • Avid music podcaster, including PodWalk, The Album, AI Music

As you can see, I've been around the block and back again. But that's more than enough about me :)

What matters is YOU.

If you get stuck on finishing….

Don’t have enough time to get in the studio…

Suffer from rollercoaster motivation to make music…

(Just like I used to…)


Because you’ve been taught to make music using methods that put you into a battle with yourself....

And here’s the cure:

Introducing the...

Turbo Track Attack!

Let me show you how to go from zero to rough demo in less than 3 hours...

In under 3 hours, you'll make a piece of music all the way from ZERO to a rough demo WITH ME, as we'll be doing all the exercises together in timed rounds.

I'll be teaching you a specific process, answering common questions along the way, and you'll be making a track. So, in 3 hours or less, you'll have a rough demo of a track, and what you learn will help you make much better music in a lot less time in the future.

You have lifetime access, so you can do it as often as you want.

Click the arrow or swipe right to view more

Do you think 3 hours is too short to make a rough demo?

You'll be fine as long as you can use your gear or software reasonably fast (i.e., you're not a complete beginner still figuring it out).

Is 3 hours too long to do a rough demo for you?

I'll teach you a specific process and answer common questions along the way (which you can skip or come back to later) in under 3 hours. And what you learn will help you make better music even faster than you do now.

You see, there are 3 essential stages to any music production process:

1. Idea Generation

Where you create the initial hooks, grooves, themes, melodies, vibe…

2. Execution

Where you develop the unformed initial ideas into a piece of music that fulfils a purpose. Whether that be to get people to dance, tell a story, create an emotion or take people on a journey…

3. Presentation

Where you remove, improve, fine tune and refine the piece of music so it’s ready for release.

The thing is - each stage requires an entirely different mindset. At each stage, you need to be focused on different elements within the music at a different level of focus (from big picture to tiny details). So, each stage requires a very different approach.

So, if you've ever struggled to finish quality music fast, it'll be because you're not clear on these stages and what you must do (and crucially NOT do).

The Turbo Track Attack will show you how to think, what to do, what to focus on and what to ignore at each stage of the music production process.

How you'll do this is by ACTUALLY MAKING A PIECE OF MUSIC!

Here's Exactly How Turbo Track Attack Works

Reason #2: When you focus all your time on the result (finishing music), you put the result before the process.

Making music is a SKILL.

The more you practice, the better you get at making music.

We know that intuitively.

But if you spend MOST of your time in the studio, struggling to finish ideas, spending all of your time polishing, editing and tweaking...

Guess what you get good at?

Polishing, editing and tweaking!

First and foremost, great music comes from great musical ideas.

By putting the PROCESS first (practising your ability to make great musical ideas), you'll get the RESULTS (finishing more quality music).

You can't do that if you spend all your time trying to "finish" every idea you've latched onto.

Reason #3: The REAL reason you can't finish music.

98% of musicians I've coached don't make nearly as much music as they could or the quality they could.

Here's why:

They're trying to finish tracks that aren't worthy of finishing!

If you spend hours, days, weeks or months on ONE particular idea, you get emotionally invested in it - no matter how good or bad it is!

This creates the perfect conditions where it's almost impossible to finish anything.

Not only is the musical idea not strong enough... but because you're so attached to it (and you don't want to ruin/lose it)... what the piece of music "already is" has been "set" in your mind.

You can't finish it because you're too attached to what it ALREADY IS.

And because you can't finish it, you can't finish anything else either. In the worst cases, you don't even start anything else!

The Idea Explosion Challenge allows you to BREAK this cycle.

You'll create an abundance of ideas to choose from. You don't get overly attached to any track.

And because you know you can always create MORE, ever-better ideas, you're less worried about "ruining" any of them.

Taking this carefree approach, you can choose the best ideas to take forward... and you'll finish much better music in a lot less time.

Click the arrow or swipe right to view more

This program is split into 3 parts, which reflect the 3 stages of the creative process.

At each stage, I will give you creative games to play - so I'll show you the rules and limitations so you'll know exactly what to do.

And if you have questions, there's a private space with the Make Music Your Life coaches and other Track Attackers who can help you if you get stuck or feel unsure about anything.

I've designed these games using my 25 years of experience making music and 10 years of coaching 1000s of musicians to automatically avoid the pitfalls most people fall into at each stage.

So by the end of Turbo Track Attack, not only will you have completed a rough demo of a piece of music in under 3 hours, you'll be able to make much better music in a lot less time!

And then you can practice this process as often as you want! The Turbo Track Attack workshop has been edited and split into short, consumable videos, and you'll have lifetime access to them immediately when you join.

What's more, you'll gain access to the Make Music Your Life Tribe community, where the Make Music Your Life coaches, and I can answer any questions you have about the Turbo Track Attack.

Turbo Track Attack is not focused on a particular genre and isn't specific to DAW, gear or software. So this will work for you, no matter what kind of music you make or what equipment or software you use.

This particular Turbo Track Attack is focused on instrumental music - but if you are a songwriter - doing the Turbo Track Attack with instrumental music alone will still help you write songs (because you can apply the same principles to songs, too!)

I want as many people as possible to experience this revolutionary music-making method.

So the Turbo Track Attack is affordable - just US$50.

You could start immediately after you join, or you can wait until you're ready...

…and all you need to do is to set aside 3 hours to make some music.

So, if you want to be able to create a rough demo of a track in under 3 hours?

Join Turbo Track Attack →
Here’s what you'll get inside the Turbo Track Attack:

You'll get a series of short and fun creative games which you'll create an entire track!

Each game has been carefully designed for a specific part of the creative process to give you the best chance of making the best possible music in the shortest time…

You'll get these games clearly delivered to you by me in a series of videos - just like a course (but way more fun!)

You'll also gain access to the Make Music Your Life Discord community to ask questions and get help from Mike and the Make Music Your Life coaches for as long as you need it…

This isn't focused on a particular genre and isn't DAW, gear or software specific. So this is for you no matter what music you make or equipment or software you use.

Trusted By 1000s of Musicians and Producers

Indro (Abstrakt.Digital)

"My music has gotten the approval nod of some of the top names in the industry, and I've worked with some of my biggest influences. I put out a 9 track release that contains all the music I was able to finish in the past 2 years, and I absolutely credit Mike Monday for this accomplishment. Do not let the price scare you away, you know how much money we spend on gear lol... Gear that will never give you the results you will get from these programs."

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Cynthia Lou

"Make Music Your Life does not disappoint! Keeps me in my highest creative vibe and flow, that magical place where the best ideas come from, while grounding me in the practical, detailed, daily activity that moves me to releasing music."

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Jana Irmet

“I released 2 albums over 6 years. Now I learned how to release two albums in just 1 year.”

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Darrius Willrich

"There is a very effective practical and from experience approach to coaching music makers. You can tell Mike has traversed all the pitfalls that arise for music makers. The solutions make so much sense and are so simple you almost wonder how you never thought of it.

MMYL has gotten me to look at my songs and the whole process in a way I never would have without them. New perspectives that get me unstuck and in action on my goals. Definitely a game changer."

How we can help you

Giles Butler

"By far the best educational resource available for getting better as a music producer and an overall artist! Mike's genuinely one of the smartest, nicest and funniest guys you'll meet in the industry! His passion for music and helping others shines through and his knowledge around habit formation, the brain and how to make more music is formidable! You honestly won't find a better tool and community if you want to improve as an artist! Can't recommend highly enough!"

How we can help you

Chris R.

"I've scanned the internet for programs that could help me get more music DONE... Mike's program is the ONLY program I've ever found that dives deep into your PROCESS and EXPERIENCE of creativity around making music.

It's a truly fresh approach to making music that's brought back so much JOY in the process of music making.

If you are ready to stop making excuses for yourself, drop the gear obsession, and to dive into true creativity... this program is for you!"

How we can help you

Turbo Track Attack

Let me show you how to go from zero to rough demo in under 3 hours.

Normally $100 USD
Now $50 USD
  • Save 50% off this course with the "Home Edition" version of the Turbo Track Attack
  • Instant access to the Turbo Track Attack course
  • Short, easy-to-consume videos of each step with timed videos to guide you through the program actions
  • A supportive, friendly tribe of musicians, producers and composers where you can get extra coaching and all your questions answered
  • Works with any DAW, hardware, and genre. The only requirement is a way to record and export the audio.
  • Lifetime access to the course, template, and community
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30-Day Money Back Guarantee

I'm sure you're going to love this course. But if you don't, email me directly and ask for a refund within 30 days of purchase to support [at], and you can get all your money back, no worries.

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Trusted By
Musicians and Producers

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A real game changer! As a music producer and DJ, signing up to Mike Mondays programs has by far been the best move I could have made for my career. His programs are inspirational, motivational and help you to see things in ways you probably haven't previously. The main point is you GET RESULTS! Thanks to Make Music Your Life, I have now started making music that sounds great and releasing it.

Jessica Oz
Flow Ninja Asset For Testimonial Stars

A Great Ride well worth it! Be prepared for a lot, and I mean a lot of great information to kickstart your music, songwriting, focus, and income streams. Mike’s systems and analysis reignited my malignant music career and a 10 year dryspell from songwriting. He has improved my general life enjoyment within my family and in my full time career too.

James Lanbro
Void Complet
Flow Ninja Asset For Testimonial Stars

Before joining, creating music happened sporadically, and I didn't have a solid process. Mike's tools provide different ways to achieve creative flow and beat resistance. Not only were we shown ways to get the process rolling, but there is also a whole system in place to keep tabs on everything and get to the finish line with one's songs. In such a short period, I am filling up my creative well of ideas and on my way to completing songs consistently.

Kris Cirkuit
Flow Ninja Asset For Testimonial Stars

In last couple of years I have significantly improved my music production skils and number of quality releases just by following few steps that Mike is talking about. Thanks Mike <3

Josip Kolanovic
Flow Ninja Asset For Testimonial Stars

Mike thinks differently. Unlike most (if not all) of the other music 'production' training out there, Mike and the team actually care about seeing you improve and make more music. This isn't a download of information or some miracle quick fix; you need to do the work - but you get out what you put in multiplied. No exaggeration to say this will probably change your life, even in areas completely unrelated to making music.

Flow Ninja Asset For Testimonial Stars

My experience with Mike has been transformative and exciting on so many levels. The team at Make Music Your Life are the most capable, experienced, supportive and encouraging people in this space and considering how cutthroat the music industry can be, that is saying something.

Shaylin Rose
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Turbo Track Attack

Let me show you how to go from zero to rough demo in under 3 hours.

Normally $100 USD
Now $50 USD
  • Save 50% off this course with the "Home Edition" version of the Turbo Track Attack
  • Instant access to the Turbo Track Attack course
  • Short, easy-to-consume videos of each step with timed videos to guide you through the program actions
  • A supportive, friendly tribe of musicians, producers and composers where you can get extra coaching and all your questions answered
  • Works with any DAW, hardware, and genre. The only requirement is a way to record and export the audio.
  • Lifetime access to the course, template, and community
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Please send any questions you have by using the help button on the bottom right to start a conversation with me (and the MMYL team).

We're always happy to help!

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