Over The Next 8-Weeks, I'll Take You By The Hand & Show You How to...

Make The Best Music Of Your Life, Attract Your Ideal Audience & Take The Leap Into This New World Of Professional Music Production

Believe it or not, it's still entirely possible to build a secure and stable career as a music producer

You just need to start playing by "The New Rules of The Game"

 This system will show you how...

"Making more money than ever. Releasing music on my favorite label and my fans are saying 'this dude is a freaking machine'"  

Patrick Palone (Advanced Suite) 

"It's just a different way of getting there... and it's more creative because you are trying out considerably more ideas..."

Claude Von Stroke* *Automatic Music Machine user

"One of my goals was to create 52 songs in 2019. It's February, and I've already finished 50."


Sean Naughton (Spiderhound) 

Dear Ambitious Music Producer,

I'm beyond thrilled that you're here today because I have something EXCITING to share with you.

Something that's the result of my entire life's work...   

For almost a decade, I've worked closely with music producers of all skill levels...

And one of "the big problems" producers of EVERY level of experience have to deal with is how to "make it" in this new world of music.

Finally, after helping over 6,000 producers across 8 years, all that work has come together to create something AMAZING.

(I'm not usually one to brag, but what I've created has blown away even my own expectations!)

What I've created is a new "invention."

Something producers have described as "the missing piece" in their journey... something that has finally allowed them to realize what's now possible.

"Now at this point I am certain I will make it as an artist... my fans are roaring about my latest album."

-- Patrick Palone 

"For the first time I received royalties money for radio plays... now it's real"  

-- Ivan Angele 

"Before “The Leap” I was thinking about quitting with production. Now one of my tracks got signed on a big techno label. I sent it to 10 labels and got 6 offers. I took my favorite of course …."  

-- Magnus Didriksson 

And no, this isn't some new, shiny piece of gear... and it isn't a collection of technical production techniques.

What I've created is a way for ANY producer to go from "struggling in a musical rut"...

...to becoming a "Producer On The Rise."

Someone who is on a tear in their career... finishing tons of new, high quality music... and attracting new fans by the day.

Listen to this recording, where one of my students shares his experience after using my latest invention for a few weeks...

"This machine you've invented... You've cracked the code to creativity..."

- Ben Hunter 

Click play to hear what Ben has to say about my latest invention

The result of all this?

The producers I've helped are building REAL momentum with their music. And they're moving fast towards becoming pro music producers.

So, if YOU feel like you've plateaued...

...or if you feel like you've stepped your toes into the promised land... only to have it torn out from underneath you...

...or if you feel like you've never been able to make any REAL progress as a music producer...

...then keep reading because I have something amazing to share with you today.

What I'm about to reveal is the specific "system" that's taken me 8 years and THOUSANDS of hours to perfect.

A system that will help you:

  • Make music production an everyday part of your life.
  • Become the kind of person who CAN make music every day, whatever your busy life circumstances.
  • Move towards making music your career.
  • See how it's possible to build a secure and stable income with your music.

My goal with creating this system is to turn you into a producer who has:

  • The ability to finish MORE MUSIC than ever before
  • Mastered the power of CONSISTENTLY releasing GREAT music
  • Developed their own UNIQUE sound that is instantly recognizable (if you haven't already).
  • Built an unshakable "Pro Mindset" to ensure you don't waver from the path.
  • Started to build your own Tribe of Raving Fans to share your best work with
  • Guide you towards the best "business model" to help you monetize your music.

All without ANY of the endless self-doubt, needless suffering and heartache that most producers endure.

And, in case you think this will take YEARS to accomplish... all of this possible WAY faster than you might think.

In fact this journey what I'm inviting you to do is

Join me and spend 8-weeks creating more music than you think is possible... and then use that music to build your very own, hyper-engaged audience

With what I'm going to share with you on this page, you won't believe how much your creative output will be transformed. You won't recognize the new quality of music you produce.

And once you get your music making under control...

...once you start producing to a professional level...

...you won't believe how much OPPORTUNITY is available to you in this modern age.

That may sound like a LOT to promise...

But all I ask is that you suspend your disbelief for a moment.

Let me show you HOW this is possible for you...

And I want to start by telling you WHY I developed this system...

This latest chapter starts in 2018, when one of my students shared some powerful words with me:


The words struck me, hard. Right in the chest.

This guy wasn't a slacker producer with zero ability or experience.

This was an experienced producer with several releases under his belt... releases that had earned him money.

And even though he KNEW deep down that he was PUT ON THIS EARTH to make music...

...and despite YEARS of trying to establish himself...

...this producer still felt like his music was ultimately turned into nothing more than a glorified (and expensive) hobby. 

A hobby he couldn't help but AVOID.

When pushed for detail he shared a story from a dark chapter in his life, where he asked himself...

"If I was lying on my deathbed... what would be my only regret?" 

His answer? "Not creating music." This is one of the most common fears among producers who haven't established themselves. They fear that their dream is slipping away. And, if you're here today, I bet you feel the same way... If that's the case, then I have some good news. After today, you won't have to live with that fear (or regret) anymore. You see, over the last 2 years, I've been working closely with hundreds of aspiring producers and my top A-list clients. And in that time I've perfected a way to bring all of the creative philosophies I've developed over the past 8 years together into one unified system. This system means that ANY music producer can build MASSIVE MOMENTUM with their career by producing as much high quality music as his or her heart desires. Just like these guys...

"Loving the process. I don't think I'll ever produce the same way again!"

-- James Winter 

"It's just a great feeling not being so hung up on everything. Got a few tunes in complete now and it looks like it's gonna be a steady flow from now on..."  

-- James Conry 

"I'm finally back... after being totally lost in self commiserating and procrastination. I finished 32 Tracks. 5x of what I did the last 5 years... and a 10x in quality" -- Benjamin Kullack 

So, let me ask you something...

Can You Think of Anything More Fun
Than Getting Paid To Play Your Music ALL OVER THE WORLD... With People ENJOYING It?

For most of my students, the answer is a resounding:  

"No, I cannot!"  

Their dream is to tour the world on their own schedule... banging out their own original tracks and watching the crowd go wild.  

"Got my first "real" gig in a massive club outside europe, played half an hour of own stuff (including 4 Done Drafts) and it was fucking amazing to see the reaction of the crowd."

-- Tom 

Chances are you're the exact same. Like me, you're in your ELEMENT when you're making a crowd lose their sh**. Nothing is more fun than watching them groove to your latest track. And all you want is to feel appreciated for what you've created. As music producers, we ALL want to be true to ourselves... We want to control how we spend our time, and free ourselves from the boredom of a regular life... so we can be happy by expressing ourselves musically! So, why do we spend our lives avoiding that dream? Busy. Stressed. Working on stuff that doesn't ignite our creativity. Trapped. With no way to get off the treadmill that delivers our income. What's worse, whenever we DO sit down to MAKE music, it tends to make us ask...  

"Why Does My Music Cause Me So Much FRUSTRATION And HEARTACHE?"

Whenever I talk to my "aspiring" producer students who have yet to establish themselves... they always come to me with the same problems..

They're constantly stuck in a "negative cycle."

It's always Stop : Start : Stop with their music.

They KNOW they have musical ability... but they're totally frustrated that they can't make "the awesome ideas in their head" turn into reality... or they can't maintain any level of consistency to build the momentum that will launch them into a stable music career.

They already have a successful career outside of music... but they still feel like an impostor because they can't succeed at the ONE thing that makes them MOST happy.

They spent years studying the craft of music production... yet they constantly battle with feeling like a fraud because of HOW they make music.

The thing is... if you don't feel "accomplished" in the studio (due to a consistent lack of results), you can't help but doubt your own skills as a producer.

Time after time, they give it "another shot", hoping to find a breakthrough. And when it fails to work out (again), they drift away from making music for months, even years at a time. 

Still, you can't let it go. 

You keep coming back despite the insecurities.  
Despite the procrastinations.  
Despite going in circles. 

Does any of this feel familiar to you?  

If so, then stick with me, because I can help you solve this ENTIRE problem.  

I can help you finally become a "Producer on the Rise."  

With the right attitude, the right guidance, and the right system, you too can become "THAT producer." The one that seemingly comes out of NOWHERE and starts to create a lot of noise in their genre.  

So, let's talk about HOW you can achieve that.  

The first thing you need to realize is that your ability to become a Producer on the Rise comes down to ONE simple concept:


Producers on the Rise build (and maintain) a certain level of creative momentum. This is what creates the wave they can ride... right into the mind of their ideal audience.  

Compare that to the constant MOMENTUM SUCKING cycle that you have to battle over and over... 

  • You're struck by a rare moment of musical inspiration strikes (often accompanied with some new gear).  
  • You feel a reinvigorated desire to "make it happen."  
  • Eventually frustration sinks in at the (inevitable) lack of results.  
  • And then disappointment when your ambitions don't work out (again).  

Rinse repeat, forever...  

This Exact "Negative Cycle" DESTROYS The Dreams and Ambitions of Countless Music Producers Every Single Day

I can tell you this from experience... If you don't know who I am, my name is Mike Monday. Over the course of my 20 year career in the music industry, I've worked closely with producers of all skill levels, both as a coach and as a collaborator. During my career I've released over 300 records, including 3 albums, 27 of my own EPs and over 200 remixes.  

I've worked with some of the biggest names out there, including U2, Groove Armada, Claude VonStroke, and Neville Watson. I've also worked (quietly) behind the scenes, coaching some of the world's top music producers through their creative and business blocks. (I'm under NDA with a number of them, so I can't disclose who they are...but suffice it to say, you've heard their music on the radio. And these guys earn millions of dollars every year, with hundreds of millions of plays on YouTube and Spotify.)  

More recently, over the past 8 years, I've coached producers of all skill levels. And during that time I've helped over 6,000 aspiring producers work towards their goal of "breaking through" as a music producer. For years, I helped producers with my online coaching programs, such as: Start Now, Finish Fast, Make Unique Music, and Simple Secrets of Masterful Music  

All of these programs helped aspiring producers create MORE, BETTER music. I created these programs because when I looked at "the gap" between amateurs and top pros out there... ...I noticed that what separated the top pros from "the rest of the pack" was their ability to consistently create great music ON DEMAND.

And so all of my programs were intended to help my "aspiring producer" students do exactly that: finish more, higher quality music. That's when I noticed something weird: Despite most of my students transforming the way they made music... Despite the HUGE improvements in the quality of their music...   

I noticed that there were still countless numbers of producers - producers with REAL ability - who would crap out and disappear into obscurity. 

I couldn't understand why they would give up... why they wouldn't BREAKTHROUGH... right when their dreams were within reach.

That's when I realized that it was their inability to BUILD and MAINTAIN MOMENTUM that was causing them to fail.   I knew I had to do something to fix this problem...  

So, I Went DEEP...Discovering HOW Producers BUILD MOMENTUM 

Early in 2018, I decided to research exactly how to help producers build and maintain momentum. And I did "deep dive" research on two fronts.  

The first front was my Mastermind group. This is where I coach 4 groups of "up and coming" producers (about 20 in total) twice every month. To join the group costs $1,000/month. And it's full of producers who have oodles of determination, talent and desire. Some of them have even had lucky breaks. But, until recently, hardly anyone in this group was having the kind of success they wanted.  

The second front of my research was my private 1-on-1 clients. These are the "top pros" I work with who are looking for more individualized attention with their creativity and business challenges. To get one of these slots costs $5,000/month.  

(As I said, I'm under NDA with a number of them, but one of the names that you would recognize is Claude VonStroke.)

So, I started my research by asking a simple question:

"Why had the top pros been able to build momentum and break through... but the aspiring producers hadn't?"

As far as I could tell, there wasn't any significant difference between the two groups in terms of talent and ability. The pros weren't blessed with some special musical or technical ability that allowed them to succeed. So, what was it? I spent the entire year of 2018 trying to answer that question, using both groups as "testing ground." The format was perfect. Each week a client would bring me a problem they were facing. I would then prescribe them individualized solutions, and they'd report back after taking action. That's when the patterns between the two groups started to emerge. I could finally see why the aspiring producers were falling down, while the top pros would cruise ahead.  

Here's How You Can BREAK FREE From Your Musical Rut and Start BUILDING MOMENTUM

You see, what I identified was that in order for the aspiring producers to "bridge the gap" they had to make shifts in 3 key areas:  

  • Music - Most aspiring producers struggled to finish music consistently. To make it they needed to develop the ability to consistently finish and release UNIQUE music.
  • Mindset - Most aspiring producers approached their dreams with an amateur mindset, falling prey to fear, self sabotage, and a lack of motivation. To make it they needed to develop a "pro mindset," where they took consistent action towards their goals, without falling victim to the whims of the creative process (motivation etc).  
  • Money - Hardly any aspiring producer had any sort of audience or any way to make money from their music. And to make it they needed to find a way to start earning a living from their music by building their audience.  

All of the problems started falling into these three areas. And that's when I started to develop a model to guide my mastermind students through those challenges.

After making just a few key shifts, the results started to appear thick and fast...

A great example of this is one of mastermind students, Indro (aka Abstrakt.Digital)...  

By his own admission, Indro has been "deep" in the electronic music scene since the 90s, striving to make it as a successful producer.  

He had all of the hallmarks of a "pro".

His own studio. All of the "right" gear. A high degree of technical production skills. Solid mixing, mastering, and other "audio engineering" abilities. And yet, for over 20 years, Indro was caught in the same endless cycle of frustration: Inspiration. A fresh desire to make it work. Frustration at lack of results. And eventual resignation that it wasn't going to happen (again). If you talked to Indro, he'd tell you that his biggest problem not FINISHING ENOUGH MUSIC. He struggled to finish a handful of tracks each year. And any music that he DID finished wasn't up to his OWN standards. Indro was worried that all of the time and effort he'd put into music would be for nothing... That's when he entered my world. Determined to find the "missing piece" that could bring it all together for him. The first change we made was to his creative process, where I asked him to implement the lessons on this page. And within WEEKS he was making and finishing more music than ever before. Not only that, but...

Within A Year, He Made #1 on Beatport With His First "Official" Abstrakt.Digital Remix 

Indro couldn't believe it!

And with a #1 release under his belt, Indro's music ambitions have become reinvigorated. He's worked hard at maintaining his momentum, with several more Abstrakt.Digital releases signed to a label and ready to release.

He's even gone on to play a live show at Miami Music Week..... and charted again on Beatport.

Check out Indro's website at https://abstrakt.digital/

So, what exactly were the key shifts that allowed Indro and my mastermind students to make such amazing progress? Well, let's dive into those right now...  


Why Everything You Know About How To Produce Music...Is WRONG!  

When it comes to succeeding as a music producer, you obviously need to be able to produce high quality music. Without that, you're not going to make it. What's not so obvious is HOW the top pros achieve a high level of quality. You see, most aspiring producers believe that to become a pro producer, you have to produce "magic" every time you hit the studio. Check out this comment from a producer student of mine who reached out to me for help: 

 "[I feel like] I'm not a real producer. I've never felt like I really know what I'm doing as a producer. I feel like I'm just winging it and that my lack of 'knowing' what I'm doing is going to result in me hitting a wall on every production. Every time I sit down to write a tune, I'm anticipating problems. Problems finding a riff I like; problems finding the right sounds; problems knowing how to progress the tune; problems with the arrangement; problems with the mix down. It's terrifying! Far from being confident I can nail it every time I get in the studio, I'm terrified it's going to be a complete disaster. Why? Cause I don't know what the hell I'm doing."

I mean, no wonder this guy doesn't want to hit the studio! Talk about putting yourself under pressure!!  

So, let me ask you this: "Why does he think this way?"  

Well, as far as I can tell, it's because he's been brainwashed by the Music Production "Industrial Complex"

The Music Production Industrial Complex is the marketplace of things you COULD buy as a music producer.  It's the beast that whispers in your ear that you need more gear, more plugins, more technical skills... you need it all BEFORE you can really make it.

From where I'm standing, the Music Production Industrial Complex has brainwashed producers everywhere into believing that EVERY track needs to be a masterpiece!

"I'd sit down and tell myself, 'I have to make the hottest track'..."

"I was becoming really generic...I was falling into this Tech House nightmare where everyone is doing the same thing. I'd sit down and tell myself, 'I have to make the hottest track'..."

-- Claude Von Stroke 

They know that whenever you get frustrated with your musical output you believe that YOU are defective. And they've cleverly convinced you that the best way to remedy that deficiency is with an EXTERNAL fix. More synths and VSTs. More effects and plugins. More mixing and mastering courses. That's why you always feel that your music is "missing something." That's why you spend hours tweaking and "fixing" your tunes. That's why you hardly finish anything! The Music Production Industrial Complex desperately wants you to believe that you don't have the natural talent needed to succeed. But that you can make up for it with the latest gear and training! And it's that belief that keeps you in the cycle of being a CONSUMER. Here's the secret though: If you want to become a top pro, you must stop being a CONSUMER... ...and become a CREATOR! A creator who embraces what I call the "3 core principles of music production":  

  • Quality through Quantity 
  • Discovery vs Design 
  • Practice vs Production You see, there's a myth (among aspiring producers) that the BEST producers in the world are amazing musicians, audio engineers, and composers (all at the same time.) And it's this rare combination of abilities that allows them to produce amazing music. Most aspiring producers think that the best way to create a great track is to:  
  • Imagine a QUALITY idea in your head 
  • Possess enough musical ability and production knowledge to DESIGN that track idea in your DAW 
  • And then spend a lot of time PRODUCING it to a high level of quality (with mixing and mastering etc) I can tell you from experience that this approach to production leads to nothing but heartache for 99.99% of producers. Most pro producers I've met had no formal musical training. Most could hardly play any instrument. And hardly anyone had technical knowledge in the world of mixing and mastering. (In fact, most of them outsource their mixing and mastering to experienced audio engineers!) So, if you want to produce high quality music, here's what I suggest you do instead:  
  • Produce a high QUANTITY of music. Then select the best QUALITY ideas to work on. QUANTITY is the process. QUALITY is the result.  
  • While producing, keep your ears open to DISCOVER what sounds good. Don't focus ONLY on the idea in your head. Use it as a starting point, but experiment and pay attention to what comes out of the speakers!  
  • Embrace your progression through PRACTICE. Rather than trying to produce EVERYTHING to an insane level of "high quality"... practice your ability to create LOTS of track ideas. Because at the end of the day, it's the quality of your musical IDEAS that make your music good. Not the quality of your PRODUCTION. Once you understand how these principles work, and how they affect the quality of your music, it will unlock all sorts of creative momentum for you. 

"I have had 5 offers to sign my latest track... I turned them all down!"  

-- Dante Rose 

"I started dancing around the room like a maniac during this week's listening session... I have an album's worth... it's pure gold relative to everything I've made prior."  

-- Lawrence Veremir 

"I can't believe the quality of some of the music I'm making... this shouldn't be possible!"  

-- Ross O'Lochlainn* 

*NOTE: Ross is a Make Music Your Life Team Member and Student

And part of what I want to give you today is the counterintuitive method I've developed that lets you achieve all of this with a fraction of the effort you're used to spending in the studio. Ignore what I'm about to share, and I can all but guarantee that you'll struggle to build any momentum at all. Why? Well, because without understanding these three principles, you'll believe that you don't have the skills and abilities to make great music right now. Which brings us to the second KEY shift that you need to make...  


Why Producing With The Wrong Beliefs Is Like Driving "With The Handbrake On"

When it comes to achieving any level of success in life, MINDSET IS CRITICAL.  

It's what separates those at the very top from the rest of the pack. 

Without the RIGHT mindset, it's like you're driving towards your destination with the handbrake on. 

Now, you probably think the reason you haven't been able to establish yourself is either because you believe: 

  • I'm never going to be able to make a living doing this... it's all a pipe dream.
  • I'm not a "real" producer. I never finish any music.  
  • I don't have the skills required to succeed. 
  • I hate the music I've been working on lately... it's just not good enough. 

All of these thoughts lead you to conclude:  

"I don't have any time to work on my music..."  

...because when you DON'T BELIEVE you can make music your life... you start to see your MUSIC as a "glorified hobby."  

That means it becomes a distraction from other MORE IMPORTANT things that ARE your life right now...  

Deadlines at (paying) work. Family events to go to. Quality time with your partner.  

So, hampered by your perfectionism, you procrastinate in the studio.  

The solution?  

You must work to build "The 4 Core Beliefs" that every pro producer needs.  

These beliefs are:  

  • I can consistently make music in ANY situation. 
  • I already have the skills and abilities to produce great music RIGHT NOW. 
  • I can make music that’s AS GOOD AS anyone else out there . 
  • I can earn a secure & stable income from my music  

So, how did you get these beliefs?  

You build them -- one by one -- by taking ACTION!  

First, you must finish LOTS of music... all the time. This builds the belief that you can consistently make music in ANY situation.  

Next, by focusing on making music using your strengths... and the skills you have right now...  

...and creating a huge QUANTITY of music...  

...you will discover that high QUALITY music is the result of that process.  

That's how you build the belief that YOU DO have the skills and abilities to make great music RIGHT NOW.  

Take this approach for long enough, and you'll see that the music you create is JUST AS GOOD as the other music being released.  

And once you start to put your music out there... that's when your audience will start to appear (as long as you take the right steps.)  

Then your next step is to understand HOW this "new age" of producers earn an income, alongside the typical "gigging" model...     

That builds the belief that YOU can and will create a stable income with your music.  


Listen: when it comes to building these 4 beliefs... it's critical that you build them ALL. 

In my experience, if you're missing just ONE belief, you'll still find yourself stuck in the Stop:Start:Stop cycle of frustration because they all build and depend on each other.  

So, read that list over again...  

  • I can consistently make music in ANY situation.  
  • I already have the skills and abilities to produce great music RIGHT NOW. 
  • I can make music that’s AS GOOD AS anyone else out there.  I can earn a secure & stable income from my music  

...which belief are you missing right now? 

Chances are it's number 4, which can be the trickiest belief to install...  

And that's because most aspiring producers have bought into the story that it's impossible to make a good living as a music producer these days. 

Which brings us to...


How Top Pros Are Earning 


When you're looking to become a pro music producer, making money is obviously a HUGE part of the journey.   

Without an income, you don't have a career or a business... you have a hobby.   

Here's the thing: most aspiring music producers don't believe it's possible for them to earn a living as a producer.  


Because they've bought into the story of "there's too much competition for regular producers to make a great living."  

And yes, it's true that there are a TON of people who want to make it as a musician/DJ/producer.   

But there's a good reason for that:    

There has NEVER been a better time to be involved in electronic music!

Just check out this list of the top performing DJs and producers from 2018:   

  • Calvin Harris ($48 million) 
  • The Chainsmokers ($45.5 million) 
  • Tiesto ($33 million) 
  • Steve Aoki ($28 million) 
  • Marshmello ($23 million)   

Compare those numbers to 2010... a mere 8 years before. Back then Kaskade was top of the charts with $10 Million. That's nearly a 5X increase. 

And it's not just the top DJs pay going up. The entire electronic music scene has exploded and become a $7.3 billion industry.    

Demand for electronic music is growing everywhere.  

In 2017, Beatport track sales growth almost doubled.  

And sites like Boiler Room are BOOMING. Their total audience has grown from just 10 million people in 2012 to 303 million in 2017. 

And as demand for music goes up, so does demand for performers.  

Ultra Worldwide Events, one of the larger international promoters nearly DOUBLED the amount of events they ran between 2016 and 2017.

And when you look at the attendance of big events like Sonar (and the number of artists they bring in)...

...it's all trending UP.  

NOW, more than EVER... there's unprecedented opportunity in the world of electronic and dance music.    

So, why are so many producers still struggling? And how do you start to "get in on the action"?

Well, first you must understand that when you're on the lower tiers of ANY industry, it's hard to get your start.    

That's where there's always a TON of competition.    

With so many "starving artists" (without much clout), it's a race to the bottom.    

Crappy clubs. Small crowds. Warm up slots. And next to no pay.    

It's hard to build traction when you have nothing to work with. And it can be hard to build anything when you have no traction.    

Catch 22, right?    

So, what's the solution?    

Well, that's exactly what I've been developing behind the scenes...  


These days, the winning producer is the producer who has the biggest, most engaged audience.  

Meaning you win if you're the producer that creates the largest volume of high quality music, and gets it listened to by an ever increasing number of people.  

So how do you accomplish that?  

Well, one thing you need to realize about "making it" as a producer is that it isn't about "going the distance"...  

...it's about "moving up through the levels."  

And to move up through the levels, you need to develop 5 distinct "superpowers."  

As you develop each one of these superpowers, you climb to a new level, leaving behind everyone else who doesn't have that superpower.  

Once you've developed all 5 superpowers, you aren't competing with the millions of producers on soundcloud.   

You're competing with only a couple of hundred, maybe even a few dozen (depending on your genre). 

So, what are these 5 superpowers?

  • Finish tons of quality music   
  • Develop your own unique sound  
  • Regularly release music to stay relevant  
  • Gather a tribe of raving fans  
  • Build a direct relationship with your tribe 

Let me tell you, once you have all 5 superpowers, your chances of "ultimate success" (and your financial rewards) are INSANELY higher than if you just do it the old fashioned way.

Now I want to stress how important the last three steps are.  

They're all about CREATING YOUR AUDIENCE. And it's by BUILDING your audience that you'll unlock your ability to earn a healthy living as a music producer.    

Let me say it loud and clear... 

These days, the MONEY comes from CREATING and OWNING the relationship with your audience.

Just imagine the opportunities that having such a direct relationship with your fans could create...    

Imagine the doors that would open to you if you already had an ultra-responsive army of raving fans ready to rally behind everything you do!    

Never before has the up-and-comer had so much power over their artistic destiny.    

Now, before we go deeper into how to make this happen for you, there's one more thing we need to talk about. 

I call it "The Pit Of Despair."    

Because... whether you realize it or not... right now that's where you're trapped.    

And until you understand what the Pit of Despair is, and how to escape it...    

...you're destined to abandon your dream right before you had a chance to achieve it.

The Pit Of Despair... 


Well, in my experience, the formula is simple...The Pit of Despair exists in every domain.   

It's that period of your journey where your ability doesn't meet the level required for the success you desire.   

The Pit is where you earn your stripes as a producer (or any creative).  

Once you're in the Pit, it's easy to become discouraged. You look at how far you have to go, and it's easy to succumb to your self doubt because you think escape is impossible  

That's why so many producers give up and abandon their dreams.  

And I get it...   

The walls of the Pit are tall and slick. Climbing out isn't easy. 

And, if you're like most people, you're surrounded by people who are eager to pull you back in (often subconsciously).  

Here's the thing you need to realize about the Pit: 

EVERY SINGLE PRO has to pass through it! 

No one "makes it" WITHOUT spending their time in The Pit.  

So, the question isn't how do you AVOID the Pit... the question becomes how do you ESCAPE the Pit of Despair?  

Learn From The Pros And Take Action Every DAY... EVEN IF YOU THINK YOU HAVE NO TIME 

When you're stuck in a place without momentum, action and movement are the cure.

More than that: IMMEDIATE ACTION.  

Yet, most producers I talk with are waiting for some magical period of life to appear, where they'll have an abundance of spare time to work towards their goal.  

Sadly. It never comes.  

The reality is that YOU need to MAKE time for your priorities.  

Now, I understand that we ALL have busy lives...  

And with what I'm about to share with you... you can make progress WITHOUT spending HOURS in the studio every day.  

In fact, you can make stunning progress with only 30 minutes a day.  

And if you THINK you don't have those 30 minutes right now... don't worry. I'll show you how to find them.  

Even if you're a father of 4 small children (like I am) we're going to fit this into your schedule.  

I've coached hardcore touring musicians and DJs on how to find time the studio time they need, even with their INSANE schedules. With the material I'll share, I'm confident you'll find the 30 minutes per day you need.

So even if you think:  

  • You don't have any time 
  • You've been procrastinating in the studio 
  • You've been hampered by perfectionism 
  • You don't get struck by inspiration very often

None of that matters.  

The system I've developed is a DIRECT FIX to all of those problems.  

The more you use it, the less you'll have to deal with the "lack of time and motivation" problems that plague producers without momentum.  

In fact, once you start to use this system, you'll discover that it's a creative SUPERPOWER.  

A Superpower that will allow you to discover the greatest musical ideas of your entire career.  

A Superpower that will change your entire perspective on the creative process.  

But, YOU have to be READY to use that Superpower.  

"PRO" Isn't A Sound... PRO IS A CHOICE  

More than anything else, this is the lesson I drill home to my top students for years. "PRO" Isn't A Sound... PRO IS A CHOICE." Over my entire career I've worked with producers at every level. And I’ve seen hundreds of producers with massive determination, talent, desire & &uck who don't make it. Why? Because they DON'T SHOW UP. They crap out and let adversity defeat them. 

THE HARD TRUTH: Learning more production techniques and acquiring more gear won't make you a professional

The only way for you to make it is to start THINKING and BEHAVING like a professional. That's why, in 2018, I started working on a new secret project. It was code named "Project Pressfield," after Steven Pressfield, author of "Turning Pro", and some of my favourite books on the creative process. Here’s the quote which got me thinking:

“Turning pro is a mindset. If we are struggling with fear, self-sabotage, procrastination, self-doubt, etc., the problem is, we're thinking like amateurs. Amateurs don't show up. Amateurs crap out. Amateurs let adversity defeat them. The pro thinks differently. He shows up, he does his work, he keeps on truckin', no matter what.” -- Steven Pressfield, author of 17 books, including "Turning Pro," "The War of Art"

Stephen Pressfield


My goal with Project Pressfield was to take a group of ambitious amateur students through the series of shifts they needed to make the leap to pro music production. I knew that my teachings and systems worked with the students in my mastermind group... But I wanted to know I could achieve the same results with a larger number of students in a group setting. So, I took my theories on building creative momentum and put them to the test.   

This was all done behind the scenes, with 3 secret "pilot groups."   

With each group, I took notes, and modified the system. And with each change, the system improved.   

Let me tell you, the results have been absolutely outstanding.   

Project Pressfield blew away my wildest expectations.    

The students absolutely loved it. And the feedback was off the charts (as you'll see in a moment).    

Students begged to come back. We've had dozens of students take the program multiple times... some producers are even coming back for the 5th time! 

And that brings us to today...   

After multiple groups of students have validated my findings...   

Aftering proving that the system WORKS...    

I've never been so excited about any program I've created in my entire life... 

And that's what I want to reveal to you today... 



The Leap is unlike any "music production course" you've ever seen before. 

It's an 8-week intensive "bootcamp" experience where you'll develop the skills and abilities you need to establish yourself as a pro producer within the "new rules of the game". You'll create bullet proof creative habits, expand and fortify your mindset, and understand how to make money with your music in 2021.  

If you come on this journey with me, I'm confident it will go down as the BIGGEST STEP in your entire music career. Rivalled only by the day you first opened a DAW or turned on your first set of decks.  

This will be the "watershed" moment you look back on, where it all started to come together.  

That may sound unbelievable, but let me explain why I believe that to be true...

Why Makes The Leap different?

Inside of The Leap, you won't find what "typical" music production tutorials teach you.

This isn't some $20 Udemy course about using a DAW. (In fact you can use whatever DAW you like).  

I won't be teaching you about how to use your hardware better.  

We aren't going to cover the latest technical production skills (like how to design a kick).  

And you aren't going to learn about any kind of advanced mixing and mastering techniques.  

Instead, you'll go through an intense 8-week bootcamp experience where you'll discover what it takes to CREATE and BUILD AN AUDIENCE like a PRO.  

If you've taken any of my other courses you will have gotten a taste for my creative philosophies.  

Inside of The Leap you'll internalize these philosophies and download them into your creative process, becoming the prolific producer you always knew you were capable of becoming.  

This is where you'll get access to my latest material, The Automatic Music Machine, sharpened and improved after thousands of hours of testing by hundreds of working producers.  

If you join me, for the next 8 weeks, you and 99 other motivated producers are going to go on the journey of a lifetime together.  

By the time it's over, you and your new friends will have all taken a HUGE LEAP together establishing yourself as a pro producer.  

And that's because inside The Leap you'll see what it takes to:  

  • Consistently finish maximum music in minimum time within your busy life… 
  • Make GREAT music RIGHT NOW (with the skills and abilities you already have)
  • Build your "pro mindset" so you are unshakable in your commitment to succeed..
  • Grow your tribe of raving fans and see how you can start earning, using the "earnings roadmaps" (which don't rely solely on revenue from record sales or touring)… 
  • Build your network & reputation (the right way)...through your music… 

At this point in my career, I'm confident saying that I believe The Leap is...  

To Make "The Leap" And 
Become A Pro Music Producer

Now, you may be thinking that you don't have the skills or abilities to make The Leap just yet.  

Maybe you're thinking that it's not possible to build a stable career in music these days.

Or maybe you think you'd be better off learning about some other technical skills would be better for you because...

  • You're not a "real" producer  
  • You don't have any (formal) musical theory  
  • You don't have "the right gear"  
  • You can't mix and master a track "like a professional"  
  • You hate the music you've been working on lately  

Well, I'm here to tell you that none of that matters!  

What you're going to discover inside of The Leap works for producers of ALL skill levels.  

And it will improve your skill level better than ANY other approach to music production.  

How is that possible?  

Well, because nothing improves your skills MORE than making tons of music!  

(It's called Practice, baby!)  

Inside The Leap, you'll get your hands on the "unified system" I've developed that will help you finish more music than you think is possible right now.  

And then I'll show you how to take that music and build your very own audience. 

And that's because this system isn't just about HOW to make music. 

It's about facilitating the three key shifts you need to make.

Music. Mindset. Money. 

That means you'll finally be able to:  

  • Finish loads of quality music  
  • Develop your unique sound  
  • Start releasing consistently  
  • Build your tribe of raving fans  
  • See how to monetize your audience so you can start earning from your music 


Patrick Palone (Advanced Suite) 

Before The Leap, Patrick struggled for 20 years to make progress with his music. He felt the need to make every track "perfect"... because his hopes and dreams of breaking through were tied to the only single track he was working on in any moment.  

After discovering The Splurge and taking The Leap, Patrick has released 8 albums in 2 years.  

He has record labels chasing him down to release with them... and he decided to release on his favorite.  

Patrick has gone from an unstable income that require gigging... to a stable income that's increasing every month with no gigging required.  

Because Patrick's musical output is so prolific and consistent, his fans now see him in a different light. "This dude is a freaking machine!" he's heard them say.  

His fanbase is now growing by 2-3 subscribers every day... all because Patrick embraced the Automatic Music Machine and "The Magnet Model" that you'll learn inside of The Leap.  

Patrick's thoughts?  

"If you'd have told me 2 years ago that I'd be here... I don't think I would have believed it."  

"I can definitely make my living from my music... without touring"

Click play on the blue button to listen to Patrick’s story  

Here's How THE LEAP Works... 

The Leap has been designed around one primary principle:  

"Action Builds Belief."  

The entire program is action oriented. And every action you take inside the program has been carefully selected and sequenced to help you make the "Key Shifts" we've been talking about: Music, Mindset, and Money.

And The Leap has been designed to make those shifts happen as quickly as possible. 

So, while there is content inside The Leap, you won't be overloaded with a whole bunch of videos and information.  

Instead, each and every week: 

  • You'll get specific, targeted actions. 
  • You'll take CONCRETE ACTION towards defined goals.  
  • You’ll report back to me with problems and roadblocks. 
  • I’ll coach you through your problems directly in a group setting. 

Through these "belief building" actions (and with direct coaching from me), by the end of the 8 weeks you'll see exactly HOW your life as a music producer WILL happen (should you decide to move forward).   

Naturally, we're going to start by getting your music "sorted."   

And we'll do that by hooking you up to the power of the "creative machine" I've developed (and personally use).

That's right, I'm going to personally mentor YOU on how to...

Unleash The Power Of The Automatic Music Machine

The Automatic Music Machine is the systematized, battle-tested, creative process that I've developed while helping top pros and aspiring producers answer the question:  

"How do I create more, better music with a ridiculously busy life?"  

The Automatic Music Machine eliminates all of the needless procrastination, guess work, repetitive decision making, and "messing about" that causes EVERY producer to be so unproductive in the studio!  

More than that, with your Automatic Music Machine up and running, you'll know EXACTLY what you're working on at all times. Down to the EXACT steps you need to take on every track to move it forward.  

Meaning you can pour every last ounce of your creative studio time DIRECTLY into what you do best: making amazing music.  

At its core, the Automatic Music Machine helps you make the very BEST music of your life by automatically leveraging the "3 Core Principles of Music Production":

  • Quality THROUGH quantity
  • Discovery vs Design
  • Practice vs Production  

Let me explain how that this all works (because it's really frickin' cool)...

How Claude VonStroke used
The Automatic Music Machine
To Create His Latest Album 

Claude shares his struggle before using The Automatic Music Machine

Claude shares how The Automatic Music Machine left him with more tracks and ideas than he knows what to do with

Finish More Music (And Develop Your Own Unique Sound)  

More than anything else, the Automatic Music Machine leverages the principle of Quality through Quantity.  

Once you're hooked up to the Automatic Music Machine, you'll be "Splurging" new ideas for music every day, no matter the circumstances. And you'll be able to do it in as little as 5 minutes!  

With the power to create so many ideas at your disposal, you'll then move on to another powerful feature of the Automatic Music Machine:  

It's ability to identify which tracks you should be working on at any given moment (even while you're working on multiple tracks at the same time!)  

It also identifies the specific actions you need to take to finish each and every track.  

With all of the "needless" decision making and faffing about eliminated, you'll finish music at blistering speed.  

And because your music will get finished FAST... and with SO MUCH music being created... something magical is going to happen.  

You'll start to create music that is better than anything else you've ever created.  

And as you continue to create an insane amount of music, your very own UNIQUE sound will emerge.

Contacted by a label, but had no tracks available... Used the Splurge and Automatic Music Machine to finish 5 tracks... The label signed 4 of them as his latest EP!  

"14 tracks in 5 weeks"

"Today I have reached my first goal of the program, to finish 14 tracks of any quality.  

I am, and will be giving all of what is inside my mind to get to the 14 tracks in release folder.  

To be honest, here is my very own problem (i am sure i'm not the only one there) : the second goal overcame the first one which leads me to not even appreciate the fact that I have made 14 tracks in 5 weeks of this program!"  

-- Anthony Cacharron

"I complete a track a week on average, which I never thought possible!"

"For many many years I've been in a musical limbo as it were, not getting anything finished and a hard drive full of stuff I was 'meh' about. But since completing the Leap I've got tons of new ideas that excite me and I'm completing a track week on average now, which I never thought possible!"  

-- Neil Anthony Smith

"I've never written as much music on a daily basis in my entire life during this program."

After taking Mike Monday’s course “The Leap”, I realized I’ve never written as much music on a daily basis in my entire life than during this intensive eight week program. The biggest change for me came in my beliefs, mindset and workflow In finishing quality tracks that will be released on a consistent basis.  

-- E7

Discover How To Produce GREAT Music RIGHT NOW (With The Skills You Already Have)

Most producers are fixated on making music with skills they DO NOT YET HAVE.  

They're obsessed with learning skills like music theory, synthesizer programming, and mixing and mastering... because they assume they're all necessary BEFORE they can create great music.  

This is the Design approach to music making. And for aspiring producers, it means they're destined to forever be disappointed with their work.  

Once you start making music with Automatic Music Machine, you'll take a DISCOVERY approach to creating great music. And you'll see how you can make great music -- RIGHT NOW -- using the STRENGTHS and ABILITIES you already have.  

This will allow you to go ALL IN on a QUANTITY based approach to making music, where QUALITY will inevitably emerge.  

Starting tomorrow, using the power of the Automatic Music Machine, you can start making great music IMMEDIATELY.

Went from producing 2 tracks in 5 years to completing 2 tracks in a week!

Of course, you'll still want to improve your skills. And you'll still want to notice where you need to improve.

And I'm going to show you the best way to do exactly that...

Take Your Music To The Next Level With "The Simple Secrets of Masterful Music"  

One thing you may not know about me is that I'm an Oxford trained musician. I've spent my entire life submerged in music theory.  

Combined with 17 years as a music producer, I know a thing or two about how to make your music sound high quality and professional.  

And along the way, I've developed what I call "The Simple Secrets of Masterful Music."

These are the core principles that allow anyone to make great music. Even if you have ZERO musical theory, training, or technical production experience.  

Once you understand these Simple Secrets, you will truly be able to craft Masterful Music.  

Here's the really cool part:  

As you build out your Automatic Music Machine, these Simple Secrets will automatically be "downloaded" into your creative process, as they're at the CORE of the actions you take each and every week.  

By the end of the 8-weeks, your understanding of how to make quality music will have drastically improved, regardless of how anything else goes. 

"It has resonated with me a LOT because I made some of the BEST MUSIC I've ever made during this course last time"

- Tom D.

(Click play to hear Tom talk about the best music he's ever made)

Now, as we're on the topic of improving the quality of your music, there's one other thing that's critically important to you making the right kind of progress. You see, as an aspiring music producer you need to be able to...  

Get the RIGHT Feedback On Your Tracks  

Getting feedback is a HUGE part of developing any skill. And music production is no different. I'm constantly asked to give feedback on tracks, and it's something that I only provide to my mastermind students and A-list clients. That said, in my experience, the WRONG feedback (or even feedback delivered poorly) can set you back in more ways that you can imagine. I've seen TONS of producers who hold themselves back because they (unknowingly) carry the scars of bad feedback they were given. Or because they took some person's feedback far too seriously. LISTEN CAREFULLY: You need to be EXTREMELY careful when you get (and give) feedback. You need to know HOW to listen to and assess other people's feedback, lest it damage your creative output! That's why, inside The Leap, you'll get access to the specific feedback methodology that I've developed, which is based on my "Simple Secrets of Masterful Music" approach. This will train your ear so you can evaluate your own tracks and identify what you need to do to improve them. You'll also discover the different types (and sources) of feedback, and show you how to get the feedback you need to grow the right way...and which feedback to avoid like the plague. Plus, inside the program, you'll have access to the Music Hit Squad, which is a community of students who are all familiar with the "Simple Secrets of Masterful Music" methodology, and who are aware of how NOT to give feedback.

Install Your PRO Mindset  

The core actions of The Leap will have you setup and producing tons of music with your Automatic Music Machine.  

The really cool part is that by taking these same actions, you'll automatically "install" the 4 core beliefs you need to become prolific.  

By the end of the program, if you take the actions I've outlined, I'm confident that you'll believe that:  

1. You can consistently make music in ANY situation. 2. You already have the skills and abilities to produce great music RIGHT NOW. 3. You can make music that’s AS GOOD AS anyone else out there . 4. You can earn a secure & stable income from my music WITHOUT being an A-lister. 

In case you're thinking that this "belief building" is anything woo woo.... you won’t be saying daily affirmations - although I have nothing against them!  

These beliefs will naturally emerge as the evidence TO BELIEVE starts to stack up.  

And once you have these 4 beliefs dialed in?  

You’ll have your PRO mindset. And you be ready to TURN PRO.

"As long as I take action and do the things, it works..."

"I just want to say thanks for the course...it's been really great...just overall I've learned how to take action and do the work. As long as I take action and do the things, it works. Having the experience of habit building, it's absolutely essential. Just having that realization is monumental for me." - Kirkwood 

(Click play to hear Kirkwood talk about his success)

To help you get to that point, you'll get...

Music Coaching Directly From Me (every week)

Over the past couple of years, I’ve been focused on helping a handful of people by working closely with them. This has included a handful of top "one-to-one" clients (who I meet weekly), and also a number of small mastermind groups.  

And I've learned that nothing will help you blast past problems and "blocks" faster than a conversation with someone who has already solved that problem.  

One 5-10 minute conversation with me can avoid months of heartache, save a heap of money, and lead to huge creative breakthroughs.  

That's why, for the 8 weeks of the program, you'll be able to jump on a weekly group coaching call where two things will happen:  

  • You'll complete weekly coaching exercises with me, to help you work through the inner psychology of "Making The Leap" towards becoming a pro
  • You'll get to directly ask questions to me about The Automatic Music Machine, and how to make progress. I don't leave the calls until all the questions have been answered, which is why I'm limiting the number of students in each group.

These calls are where I’ll directly help you sort through and tackle any issues that come along with setting up your Automatic Music Machine, plus we'll talk about the HUGE opportunities available to you in this "new era" of music production.  

Plus - you’ll also have access to me throughout the entire program via...

THE MUSIC HIT SQUAD: Your Community of Producers On The Rise

I'm being extremely selective with who I want in The Leap.  

I only want to work with people who are SERIOUS about their music, and who have significant production experience under their belt.  

The people who join this program will be building a lot of momentum, FAST. And you'll be one of them.  

To help you build that momentum, you’ll get access to my brand new community, “The Music Hit Squad".  

This is a private community where you’ll get help, accountability and support from all of the other students inside of The Leap.  

I’ll be inside the group daily, so you’ll get my ongoing coaching in between the weekly lessons, and you'll get to see how I'm answering other people's questions and challenges too.  

I’ve also invited my masterminders into this group, who are the “world experts” on what you’ll be practicing, so they’ll also answer your questions, problems and challenges.  

This will be in Slack (a team messaging app on any device or browser) which is a GREAT way to get the ongoing help & accountability you need - WITHOUT going near the massive distraction zones of Facebook, your email inbox or the rest of the internet.

We've even had a number of people find collaborative partners inside the group!

Build Your Core Audience  

In the world of marketing, all of the money is in your AUDIENCE.  

For years, labels, managers and agents have controlled the artist's connection to the audience because that's how all of the money is made.

After seeing the amazing audience generating opportunities that music producers have these days... I've returned to making music after an 8-year break! 


Well, when it comes to building a fan base... music absolutely blasts any other form of content out of the water in terms of the return you get on your time and energy.  

Movies. Video games. Books. Sports.  

Music beats them all...  

We listen to our favorite songs and albums over and over again… and once you discover an artist you like, you're likely to go back and listen to their entire back catalogue.  

So in this sense, music really is "the ultimate raving fan generating mechanism."   

That's why, inside of The Leap, you're going to discover exactly how to start building your very own audience.  

And once we start building your audience, I'm going to show you to develop a deep relationship with them. Something that VERY few producers ever do.  

This is the exact "Magnet Model" to music marketing that I used to get my latest album to become the #2 release on Beatport, all with...

  • Zero PR push of any kind
  • Zero press coverage of any kind
  • Zero DJ/tastemaker mail outs
  • Zero submission to music blogs
  • Zero submission to music authority sites (like RA)
  • Zero reviews on music sites
  • Zero features on music sites
  • Zero new release banners or features on Beatport
  • Zero radio play
  • Zero artist hype
  • Zero label hype (or decent logo design)
  • Zero social media posts promoting the release

And you're going to learn how to do the exact same thing with your very own magnet model.

From there, we'll dive into the "Five Templates For Building A Business Around Your Music."   

These are the 5 proven business models for how people make money with their music in the modern era.


Sean Naughton

"Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity."

During the Leap, Sean found his experience with the Automatic Music Machine "life changing."

He continued his momentum beyond the 8 week program to continue making music every day.

"No matter what's going on in my life, every day I knock it out," said Sean.

This creative momentum allowed him to make over 100 tracks in 8 weeks.

And that's when opportunity came knocking:

"At the end of class 1 I received a phone call, from the head of publishing at a company, with a time sensitive opportunity. 'If you can get me some tracks in 5 days, I have this incredible opportunity for you'", said Sean...

"...I basically went into my Automatic Music Machine, and created an alternate artist name. I took 9 tracks, finished them, and submitted them."

The publisher was delighted with one of the tracks and awarded the opportunity to Sean.

But that wasn't the whole story.

"Two weeks later I got another phone call from another well known producer in the industry. There was this other time sensitive opportunity."

This time Sean was being asked to produce music for a very nuanced genre.

"I hung up the phone and went into my AMM and got all the ones that were relevant to the genre. And I sent 18 tracks to him. And one out of the 18, the client liked one..."

Sean's conclusion from all of this?

"If I hadn't had that quantity, I would have sent him one "perfectly" designed track that I'd been working on for weeks...and they'd be like "naaah, what else you got?"

Because I had the quantity...I got the opportunity. I was prepared with this quantity of stuff that I had to pick from, which I had no idea what I was going to do with... but this opportunity came up and it was right there for me to pick the fruit."

Listen to Sean's full story here: (Click play on the orange button to listen to Sean's story)

Your 8-Week Journey To Build Momentum As A Producer

The Leap is an intensive 8-week bootcamp where you'll be armed with the REAL skills and MINDSET you need to succeed in this new era of music.  

This won't be about technical skills, or using the latest gear...  

It's about YOU internalizing the skills that make a difference on your journey to establish yourself as a professional.  

By the end of the 8-weeks you'll be in a position where you are READY to MAKE THE LEAP.  

Let's look at how each of the 8 weeks will unfold for you and the other determined producers in your group.  

Week 0: Setup for Hardcore Focus & Install Your Bulletproof Daily Practice.  

Starting today, right after you join (and before class starts) we're going to immediately set you up for success.  

To make The Leap work, you only need 30-45 minutes each day to invest on your music.  

And even though I know that you've already got a packed schedule, I'll show you HOW to find those 30 minutes per day, no matter the circumstances.  

I've built my entire music coaching career helping top DJs and producers get the most out of the (almost) non-existent studio time they're afforded with their insane touring schedules.  

And I've learned all the secret ways to carve out pockets of time.  

I've also learned that every producer's success hinges on how productive you are in the studio.  

You can't be messing around for hours with little to show for it. You need to be intentional and FOCUSED. Two things most aspiring producers have no clue how to be.

That's why the first set of actions inside of The Leap will get you setup to produce like a professional.  

You'll discover the T.I.C.K. process for eliminating all unnecessary distractions, so you'll be immediately focused when it's "studio time."  

And I'm going to show you how to "streamline" your setup, so you aren't DROWNING in decisions about which gear, instruments and plugins to use.  

Right after you've got your setup sorted, you'll start building your Bulletproof Daily Music Making Practice:  

The Splurge.  

If there is one action that's required to establish yourself as a pro in this modern era, it's making music EVERY SINGLE DAY.  

And the Splurge is my unique creative technique that will become the daily workhorse of your entire creative process.  

I've yet to meet a single person who hasn't been able to implement it. And the results are always amazing.  

The best part about the Splurge?  

It's focuses on improving your ability to create "the building blocks" of great music:  


(Not production techniques.)  

In order for the Splurge technique to work for you (like it is for my private clients), there are some very specific things you must do. Or else you'll stay stuck in your creative rut of not finishing music.  

So, while we're walking you through how the Splurge works, you'll also see how important it is to assess the emotional side of the creative process...  

The fear, boredom, doubt and joy you experience while you create music... how you handle your responses to these can make or break your career.

Plus, you'll see how your thoughts and feelings around your music can completely derail your productivity if you don't manage them correctly.  

That's why to help you stay on course, you'll discover "The Rules of The Splurge"... a simple set of commandments that are proven to keep you on course.  

"Wow...what an amazing week. I haven't had this much fun in the studio in a while. I was worried that with 2 jobs and running a label I wouldn't have time... I've now done 31 splurges"

-- Jason Peters

"Just did a splurge the right way and it feels like that excitement when I first started making music" 

-- Branden Zipp (II7o)

Week 1: How to Make Music In Literally Any Situation

With the foundational "Splurge" technique added to your music making process, you'll be ready for week 1.  

Week 1 is where you'll develop the ability to make music in literally ANY situation.

I carved my coaching business into existence by helping top pros build music making habits into their day... even with INSANE traveling and gigging schedules!  

Just like other producers, they put up the same barriers to making music as you do...  

“I need to be inspired / motivated / excited” “I need to have a, b or c equipment” “I need to be in d, e or f situation” “I need x, y or z time”  

Guess what?  


And I'm going to prove it to you.  

I've coached superstars to make hits without having any of the above. None of it is necessary when you take the right approach.  

Week 1 will be all about understanding the specifics of what it takes for YOU to be able to make music in literally any situation.  

You'll learn the same stuff I share with my top A-list clients so that... come hail, rain, or shine... you'll create NO MATTER WHAT.  

The best part?  

With the ability to consistently make music in any situation, you’ll immediately separate yourself from the hordes of amateur music producers "trying to make it."

That's when you’ll truly unlock the power of "Quality through Quantity"... and your best music of your career will be just around the corner. 

"[It's] really given me a ‘map’ of how I can make music in any place at anytime."  

"The biggest game changer for me since starting Project Pressfield is the daily practice of splurging and bouncing every idea. This along with starting to use different music making phone apps and Trello, Zapier, Dropbox has really given me a ‘map’ of how I can make music in any place at anytime and move my ideas through the AMM to actually finish a piece of music; something I have always been challenged with. I feel like I now have all the tools and it’s just a matter of continuing to practice and make splurging a non-negotiable daily ritual." -- Jemma Murray 

Weeks 2-4: Build Your AUTOMATIC MUSIC MACHINE & Install "The Simple Secrets of Masterful Music"

Weeks 2-4 are what I consider "the Core" of The Leap.  

In weeks 0 and 1, you'll develop the creative habits every professional needs to have.

And by then, you'll also have a bunch of musical ideas that you "Splurged."  

In week 2, you'll build your very own Automatic Music Machine and see how to take those new ideas to completion.  

The Automatic Music Machine is both a system and an overarching creative process I've designed over the years.  

If this is your first exposure to the Automatic Music Machine, you'll see WHY it allows solo producers to CONSISTENTLY start (and finish) tons of music... with minimum time, effort and fuss... even with incredibly busy lives!  

If you ARE familiar with how the Automatic Machine Machine works, we'll go much deeper into every aspect of the system. And I'll literally show you how I “work” each part of the process by demonstrating the actions myself.  

There are a number of "parts" to the Automatic Music Machine that make it all work so elegantly. And you'll spend 3 weeks mastering how it all works so you can start cranking out your best music yet.  

While you're building your machine, you'll also start adding new dimensions to your daily music making, with a bunch of key variations of the Splurge technique. This is where you'll improve your musical ability by "downloading" my Simple Secrets of Masterful Music methodology into your music making process.  

Let me tell you, these Splurge variations will help you discover strange and wonderful new ideas for tracks...beyond anything you're currently creating.  

Many students are BLOWN AWAY by their improvement in just 8-weeks. These students can't believe the musical ideas they're able to conjure up... far beyond how they "typically make music." And I'm confident it will be the same for you.  

And right now, with more and more music sounding the same, this is a HUGE ADVANTAGE to you as a music producer!  

Most aspiring producers make a HUGE mistake by "aiming" for a specific sound. This is a surefire way to make their music sound generic and reinforces their creative rut by walling themselves off from new ideas.  

And without new ideas, your creativity is DEAD.  

And if you're worried that this means you'll leave your desired "style", don't worry! Because you'll see how the Automatic Music Machine will help you "curate" yourself into a sound of your choosing. 

"Ended up also making music that is not something 'I' ever thought to make/discover."  

"Really noticing my splurge quality increasing over time, without aiming for it. Making music on my phone has really been a game changer for me as well as the arrangement splurge for instance! No reason for struggling with arrangement. Just try something common, or a sketch a rough section with some beginning middle and end like the heroes journey.  

Ended up also making music that is not something 'I' ever thought to make/discover. Uploaded three new songs on soundcloud from the complete/release section, to show a few outputs from my running music machine."  

-- Thomas Burgers  

Week 5-6: How to Finish Your Best Music... Consistently Without Fail 

By week 5, your Automatic Music Machine will be HUMMING!  

You'll be in the middle of creating a whole new spectrum of musical ideas, beyond what you THINK you're currently able to make.  

And during week 6, you'll see HOW to take these ideas and finish your best music consistently...without fail.  

We'll start by looking at the psychological reasons people don't finish their music. And why so many producers hold back from "putting their music out there."  

We'll also dive into the biggest obstacles that producers face: music that reaches a "half baked" stage in the creative process... with no clear direction around what to do next. 

You see, when music hits this phase, one of two things need to happen.  

  • The music needs to go "backwards" in the creative process so you can inject more creative energy and ideas into it. The problem here is that most producers have no idea how to do this properly, so the track becomes stale and they get bored... ultimately filing it away in the "graveyard".  
  • It needs to go "forwards" in the creative process and be released. The problem here is that producers don't understand the psychological process that goes into "finishing" a piece of music. Or the huge mental pitfalls that appear as you get ready "release" your music!

After working with my mastermind members and the students I realized that ALL of them were capable of finishing GREAT (and unique) music with the skills and abilities they ALREADY have. 

What they were missing were a specific set of ACTIONS to finish the music they were working on.

Exactly what those actions are for YOU will depend on your specific situation and the specific track you're working on. 

Inside the Leap you'll see how to identify what those actions are, so you can focus on finishing music using the skills you ALREADY HAVE.  

By the end of week 6, you'll know exactly how to finish your own music consistently... using the skills you already have. 

Week 7-8: Five Templates For Building A Stable & Secure Income From Your Music  

Finally, by week 7 and 8, your Automatic Music Machine will be running full throttle! 

You'll have music at every "stage" of the process. And if you're like other students who've been through The Leap, you'll even have one or two tracks ready for release!  

Maybe more! 

(And I mean A LOT more!)

Some students reach the end of the program with 10+ tracks ready for release! 

Weeks 7 and 8 is where we'll shift gears and get into the business side of music making.

Obviously, the world of professional music has changed dramatically.

Still, most producers came to me with unrealistic ideas about what “making money from music” means in this modern, digital era. And until I talk to them, they don’t see the opportunities that are available to them NOW because they don’t know what they don’t know.    

You see, there are 2 elements to getting your music "out there" successfully.

  • You need to build YOUR OWN audience... a tribe of raving fans.  
  • You need to network with tastemakers (people higher up the food chain.) 

In the modern world - you need both. You need to build your own audience because that’s the key to a secure and stable career that you are completely in control of.   

You also need to connect with tastemakers, because that’s how you'll turbo boost your progress... especially if you already have your own audience!     

The right connection with the right person can shave years off your journey up the mountain!   

And inside of The Leap, you'll see how both models will work for you.    

Fact is, with new marketing & live streaming technologies available to you, there’s never been a better, cheaper or easier time to attract an audience and build connections.   

You'll have an ongoing system (using simple templates) where you’ll build an audience and connect with tastemakers AT THE SAME TIME. This system has been battle tested by my masterminders and you’ll be able to implement this easily into your busy life.

I will show you the exact model I used to build my own audience... and the strategy I used to get my album to be the #2 release on Beatport.

Still, I’ll be completely transparent with you - how to build a secure and stable income from music would require an entire program to cover.     

It won’t be possible to deliver everything I've learnt about building businesses and earning money as a producer. All of that wouldn't be useful to you at this stage of your journey.     

All you need right now though, while you're building momentum, is the belief that IT IS POSSIBLE and IT CAN WORK FOR YOU.    

So, to help build that belief, you’ll get 5 simple roadmaps that can help you create a secure and stable income based on the music you make.      

Then, in week 8, we'll walk through the step-by-step path to building your fanbase.   

Armed with these income roadmaps, and a clear understanding of how you’ll build your fanbase, you’ll have the essential belief that making a living from music is possible!


David Parq

Before The Leap David Parq is an alternative rap, dancehall, reggae, neo soul artist who was struggling to finish as much music as he wanted to. During The Leap David completely shifted his beliefs about creativity and what it takes to “make it” in today’s music industry. After The Leap David has removed his creative obstacles and is making BETTER music, FASTER than ever before, and top pros are saying he's on an "international level." David has built on the creative momentum that began with The Leap... finishing beats regularly and sharing them with his network. More than a few people have noticed the incredible improvement in the quality of his music... "People that hadn't heard my beats for some time came by the studio, listened to the new stuff and asked me what had happened to me. How was I able to make such great improvements in such a short period of time." More than that, respected professional producers have told David that he's now on an international level. "One guy, who's a good friend and a former protege of Loco Dice said ‘this is on an international level David. You need to find artists on a higher level to work with asap.’ And he's quite careful with praising people. So that was great." "I'm now producing samples as a lucrative side gig..." Now that David has installed his Automatic Music Machine... his confidence has grown... and opportunities are coming fast. He responded to an advert for a sample and loop company that was looking for "highly talented and experienced producers." "I sent three beats I made during the course. One week later I became part of their team and am now producing samples for them as a lucrative side gig. I'm literally getting paid for splurging..."  

Enjoy UNLIMITED ACCESS to The Leap...

Once you join The Leap, you'll also enjoy unlimited access to the program.

This is my new flagship program, and considering the results people have been getting... I see myself running this program for a long time to come. 

And as long as The Leap is available, you'll be able to come through it as many times as you like. And you'll always have access to the latest version as I continue to improve the program over time.

Some students are so blown away by The Leap (formerly known as Project Pressfield) that they've already gone through it multiple times.

And you'll be able to do exactly the same thing.  

No matter where you are in your career, you'll be able to come back to The Leap and rejoin the coaching calls, and get specific help on any of the problems the program deals with. You'll also be able to enjoy access to the The Music Hit Squad to connect, network, and share wins with all of the other students. Plus, I'm always adding additional challenges and bonuses to the community, such as the "100 Splurges in 10 Days" Challenge that went down recently...


Mike's Demonstration Machine 

Look over my shoulder as I create an entire album... 

When you join The Leap today, I'm also including a special additional $500 bonus, which I've called "Mike's Demonstration Music Machine."  

In short, you’ll get to see EXACTLY how I produce music!  

You see, recently I’ve been recording almost every session I’ve done to complete 2 new tracks a week.   

My goal in 2020 is to finish and release 4 albums to show you how powerful the Automatic Music Machine can be.

Up until recently, I hadn't released music in over 7 years, and I just recently released my “comeback” album, The Begin. I finished the whole thing in less than a month and, believe it or not, it's the best music I've ever released BY FAR!  

I created (and finished) all of the music using the methods you'll discover in this program, and I made it with zero suffering or heartache.   

If you’re wondering how on earth I was able to finish an album in less than a month, all while growing my coaching business AND being an incredibly busy Daddy to 4 boys under 8...?   

...you’ll get to see it blow by blow via Mike’s Demonstration Music Machine!  

If you want to really supercharge your understanding of how to make a huge quantity of the best music of your life - then watch me do it myself!

Here's What These Producers Have To Say About The Leap... 

"It's working great. My output is like 3x times what I had in the first class..."

(Click play to hear what Gabor has to say about The Leap)

4 tracks completed in a few weeks... all with a full-time day job, and a packed schedule!

Officially started his own music business!

Started a new project and ALREADY releasing music within 8 weeks!

Back enjoying music making again after 10 years off. With 4 tracks complete! 

"I’ve managed to have 49 Splurge Sessions. This is a big win for me"

 -- Iancu Moraru 

"Finished Album and 256 Ideas in my Automatic Music Machine!"



"No 12 in the HypeEdit Funk Charts, a genre I never released in before"


"YouTube release with 1 million followers!"

David Parq

--David Parq

"6 hours per song, 30 in progress with a full time job and family!"

James Lanbro

--James Lanbro

"First Album Released with the Automatic Music Machine!"



"Collaboration with a Grammy Nominated Artist!"



Imagine Having The Power to Finish The Best Music Of Your LIFE... Music That Is Truly YOU

Imagine where you'll be in 8-weeks time once you take The Leap...  

You'll have your own Automatic Music Machine up and running, churning out the best music of your life... music that's as good as anyone else's out there...  

You'll be well on your way to "Installing" your Pro Mindset, cementing the 4 Core Beliefs in your life...  

You'll be on the cusp of making the leap to becoming a "new pro."

More music.  
Better music.  
Unshakable beliefs.  
A clear understanding of how your music is going to earn you money.  
And the beginnings of your very own tribe of raving fans.      

All of it can be yours.  

Most importantly, you'll come out of these 8-weeks with the ONE THING every "Producer on the Rise" needs to succeed:  


Now, if you saw a shiny new piece of gear which did all of that (guaranteed)...  

How much would that cost?  

How much would you be willing to PAY?  

Well, given that a decent synth costs multiple $1000s...  

...if there WAS a bit of kit that did all that...  

...There's no doubt it would be worth at least $5,000. Probably way more!  

And you'd be falling over yourself to get it.  

Because ANY piece of kit that would help you (finally) breakthrough and build momentum would do something unbelievable:  

It would help you recoup ALL the value you've already spent on your music over the years!  

I mean, some students come to me spending more than $1,000 per month on gear alone!  

That's an investment of $12,000 EVERY YEAR.  

(And sadly, the more gear they buy, the less music they tend to make!)  

So, if you have any sort of substantial studio setup, it's safe to say that you may have spent $10,000... maybe even $20,000 on music over the years.  

I've spoken with producers that have spent over $50,000 on their studio and setup...without ever finishing a piece of music!  

That's why joining The Leap is so magical.  

Because when you join, it's going to turn all of that from a TERRIBLE WASTE of money...  

...into a canny investment for your future!  

The investment you make today will unlock ALL of the potential you've been missing from that gear.  

FINALLY... you'll get the most out of the set-up you've spent YEARS building!  

So, how much is it to join the Leap?  

Well, even though you'll be internalizing the same material I share with my private 1-on-1 clients...  

...producers I charge up to $5,000/month (that's $60,000 per year)...  

...producers who earn multiple $1,000,000s per year...  

Joining The Leap won't cost you anywhere near that amount of money.  

You Can Join The Leap Today For Only $200 (USD)... 

...and then 11 more monthly payments of $200 (USD).    

This option is great if you're just looking to dip your toes in the water and see if it's right for you.  

But if you KNOW that you are ready to take the Leap, and if you want to save some money...  

...then you can save $400 by paying in one installment of $2000 (USD).  

Just click the button below to get started and choose whichever option you prefer...

"I was highly skeptical about this program. I don't believe in magic tools or shortcuts..."

I was highly sceptical about this program. I don't believe in magic tools or shortcuts to make music. But it was actually my girlfriend who convinced me that it's a way better idea to invest my time and money in this than to buy another synth. And I did thank her for this last week.  

I made a plan to start in October with releasing one song each month for at least a year. This will result in one EP release every 3 months and an album at the end of the year with the best songs and some extra ones.

-- Stijn Zoontjens

"Life-changing experience. This course is probably one of the best investments I did so far."

I would like to take the opportunity here to say thank you very much for this life-changing experience, Mike.

Not only that I got a working process to follow (that makes it a lot easier to get momentum and find flow), I started actually to finish songs (after 2 years without any).

I get up between 5 and 6 nearly every morning to splurge. I got the fun back, that I had than I started to produce music (really a lot of years ago).

I produce a lot faster. I am enjoying to make lists. I don‘t feel the need to watch tutorials anymore, and this list could go on and on...

As Shay said, This course is probably one of the best investments I did so far. And I would really like to do it again.

-- Dirk

"I was quite skeptical before the leap, it sounded just too good to be true. But oh boy was I wrong..."

I was quite skeptical before the leap, it sounded just too good to be true. But oh boy was I wrong haha. It matched my hopes more than I could have imagined.  

The most important internal success is that I now feel completely free and confident in my creative process and I achieve far more results than before in less time. I'm pretty confident in my music, sure there's a lot of room for improvements, but that's fine  

In terms of external success: This is hard to pinpoint exactly on the program for everything, but it has definitely helped a lot with coping with the challenges I was/am facing.  

- Got my first "real" gig in a massive club outside Europe, played half an hour of own stuff (including 4 Done Drafts) and it was fucking amazing to see the reaction of the crowd).  

-- Tom

Take Control of Your Future and
Start Building Momentum as a Producer Today

Listen: if you want to join me on this journey, I want to make this decision as simple as possible for you... Because right now, myself and the rest of the producers in my world... ...we're moving forward with momentum into the most exciting chapter of music making on Planet Earth. Right now, with the technology we have available, we've entered a period of UNREALIZED POTENTIAL with HUGE opportunity for music producers.  You have access to more tools, more options, and more audience building mechanisms than ever before. Making it as a producer has never been more appealing. And separating yourself from the growing pack of "wannabes" has never been more important. From what I've seen over the years, there's no better way to put yourself "above the crowd" than consistently creating and releasing QUALITY music. So, if you want to "Make The Leap" with me and the other 79 producers that are going through the program...

I Want To Make You A Ballsy Guarantee

Look: most education in the music industry doesn't offer any guarantee. Any programs that do make a guarantee usually only offer 30 days to try the program. Their hope is that you'll forget about your purchase just long enough for the guarantee window to pass. That's not good enough for me.  

Because The Leap is exceptional in every other way... I want to make you an exceptional guarantee. 

It's my intention that when you join The Leap... the next 12 months will be THE BEST YEAR of your ENTIRE music career (so far.) And I wanted the guarantee to reflect that...


I truly want you to be absolutely thrilled with the results you see from The Leap.  

I want you to look back at your decision to join today as one of THE BEST decisions of your entire life.  

So, when you join the Leap...  

And if you go through the entire program, complete all of the actions and attend the coaching calls...  

And you aren't blown away by the improvement in the quality and quantity of music that you're creating with your Automatic Music Machine...  

...then simply email me (or my support team) at any time within 12 months of joining, and let us know that you would like your money back.  

Once we receive your request, we'll verify you have completed the program, done the actions and attended the coaching calls, and if you have I'll return every last cent of the investment you made (please allow up to 30 days for your refund to be processed).  

That means you can try the ENTIRE program, risk free, knowing that if you aren't happy with the results, you can simply ask for your money back.  

In fact, it gets even better... because I'll be running "The Leap" 3-4 times per year. And with this guarantee, you'll be covered to go through every single class... and then decide if you're happy with the results.  

So, if you're worried about joining today, and falling behind because life gets busy... don't worry!  

If life interrupts you while you're first starting to build momentum... this guarantee has you covered.  

You have an ENTIRE YEAR (and multiple rounds of The Leap) to make it happen for you.  

In fact, I would encourage you to go through the program several times because the results you'll experience with your Automatic Music Machine will start to amplify after 3-6 months of regular use!  

Plus, because you'll enjoy Unlimited Access to The Leap, you can keep going and returning for the classes that will be running in 2021 and beyond!  

So, you can rest easy knowing that you can "try" the Leap at absolutely zero risk to you.  

If you don't like it, you can get your money back at any time during the 12 months after you join.  

Just click the button below to get started... 

Imagine What Life Will Be Like Once You (FINALLY) Have Your Music Under Control

Look, you and I both know that as creative individuals it's CRITICAL for us to get this part of our lives "sorted."    

When you're a creator, and you don't create... your mood is constantly off... you're not pleasant to be around...and you don't do your best work.

Once you take The Leap you'll notice some strange things start to happen.

  • You're going to have fun in the studio again  
  • You're going to become more productive because every day you'll have "scratched your own creative itch"  
  • You're going to be less moody because things will be going great in the studio
  • You'll have more energy because of how productive your studio time is

Imagine the look on your loved ones faces when they hear your new music and ask, "Wait... YOU made THIS?!"    

So if you ARE ready to follow your purpose and give yourself a way to pursue the creative work that you were put on Earth to do...click this button and give The Leap a try.

Listen... You DO NOT Have To Commit To Changing Careers Today...

Since you've read this far, I KNOW that making music your life is extremely important to you.    

I also know how intimidating it can be to think about changing your entire career.... Especially during the pandemic.  

Realize that you're NOT committing to changing your career today.    

That's not what I'm asking you to do by joining The Leap.    

Instead, think of it like this...    

If you TRULY BELIEVE that making music is your calling in life...    

...and if you're committed to finding out if YOU HAVE WHAT IT TAKES to establish yourself as a pro producer in this new era of music...    

...then just TRY The Leap and SEE where it takes you.    

At the worst, you'll spend 8-weeks having an absolute blast making a ton of new music, reigniting your love for the studio, and discovering an entirely NEW way to think about the creative process.  And if it turns out the program wasn't for you, you can simply get your money back after you've been through the program...   

At the very BEST, you'll discover you have everything it takes to establish yourself as a music producer. And after 8-weeks you'll come away with an entirely new way of producing music.    

Beyond that, you'll also have an insane amount of confidence, and an insane amount of momentum. And from there the sky's the limit.    

So, it's up to you. I'm ready to get the ball rolling in the next 24 hours if you're ready to get started.

Here's what happens next...

If you sign up today, we're gonna dive right in.  

The first thing you'll get is a welcome email that will guide you to the "The Leap Welcome Video."  

This will help you download your Welcome Workbook, which will guide you through the program setup process... designed to make you a far EFFECTIVE producer in the studio. Someone who is intentional, focused and productive.  

Then, once the class roster has been finalized, we'll start banging out crazy ideas for new tracks like a bunch of mad, musical scientists!  

Again, you'll be getting huge results with only 30 minutes a day for the next 8-weeks days.  

I'm even going to show you HOW to find those 30 minutes per day, no matter the circumstances. Doesn't matter if you're like me (busy business owner and father) and your schedule is already packed to the max.  

All you have to do is click this button below and give it a try...  

"it’s putting me back in that place I was in a few years ago when I was churning out really creative tracks like a madman! This really is one of the best investments I’ve ever made." 

-- Branden Zipp (II7o)

""Mike’s course THE LEAP is by far one of the best things I’ve ever paid for in my entire musical life. It took me from finishing 6 songs in 5 years to finishing 20 in a few months!! And those songs are BY FAR the best music I ever wrote! 100% return on investment, no doubt." 

-- Shay Sharon Haim 

"Now I followed "The Leap" for the second time, which is for me just next level, how I made progress in my music, made more quality music and finished it faster, but also how I look at what music can bring me, creatively and financially. Some beliefs were shattered, for the better. And some positive beliefs gained strength." 

-- Ronald Klaus

Don't Let It All Have BEEN FOR NOTHING

Ok, as I wrap this up, let me finish with this...  

The saddest part about my job is seeing how many producers waste their talent.  

Newly aspiring producers and "old pros" who never managed to establish themselves spend eternity spinning their wheels because they don't understand how "the game" is played.  

You've already spent YEARS trying to make this work...  

So, let me ask you this...  

What are the chances that doing MORE OF THE SAME will eventually lead to a breakthrough?  

You've invested so much in this journey already. Make sure that IT ALL WASN'T FOR NOTHING!  

I've made The Leap as risk free as possible for you.  

Still, I DO want to stress the upside, because I'm all about dealing in optimism and "potential gains" in life.  

You don't have to commit to an entirely new life today.  

You just have to try The Leap to discover what is POSSIBLE for YOU.  

If this DOES work, you'll find yourself on a brand new trajectory. Something that gives you the OPTION to change your entire life and music career.  

If it doesn't work, you'll have spent 8-weeks leveling up your creative abilities beyond anything else you could do between now and then. And you'll have had a TON of fun doing it. Plus, you can get your money back with one simple email.  

So, if the time is right for you... do yourself a favor and click the button.  

Join me and take THE LEAP.  

I'll see you on the other side Onwards and upwards, Mike Monday